Extraordinary DIY lamp from bottle caps

DIY lamp bottle cap great deco ideas

DIY lamp from bottle caps


Have you collected many plastic bottles at home and do not know what you can do with them? We can not help you in this article, but we have for die bottle caps an idea.

Individual designs and decorations

DIY lamp bottle cap chandelier

Do you need a lamp? Do you fancy a DIY project, a DIY lamp close? Have many bottle caps from plastic? If so, read this article!

Colored chandelier

DIY lamp bottle cap chandelier

Materials used to realize the DIY idea "Lamp from bottleslids"Needs:

216 bottle caps (In a color chosen by you)



The pedestal of a lamp that serves you nothing

An energy saving lamp

Follow these steps to create your great DIY lamp

  1. First wash the cover and take out the plastic inside
  2. Outline all six sides of the lights. Do it through six vertically and horizontally oriented cover
  3. Once you have done that, fill the interior with others bottle caps, until they are all very close together
  4. After completing the previously described stepst have, cut one or two cover, around the base there too decorate.
  5. Make sure that all sides are well fastened together and then put the energy saving lamp in it
  6. Then bring the last page and wait for the whole thing to dry.

Now is the time to use the DIY LED lamp. Wondering where you can do that? Maybe you could do such in an eclectic outdoor area or in the nursery good use. What about the washroom? Or maybe you have a small garden house, in which anyway everything is DIY?

Colorful table lamp

DIY lamp bottle cap light up

Original ideas for lights

DIY lamp bottle cap light up ideas

DIY chandelier from bottle caps

diy lamp bottle cap chandelier yellow

DIY lampshade

DIY lamp bottle cap lampshade

Room decorating ideas

DIY lamp bottle cap deco ideas

Make great lamps yourself

DIY lamp bottle cap table lamp

Globe - lamp

DIY lamp bottle cap great decoration

More and more such projects are also being used in schools. The environmental education of our children is there more and more in the foreground. This would certainly be a great DIY decoration also for the little ones. Actually, she can also be in the living room in a corner or over the workplace at home hang, do not you think?