Cool ideas for the little bedroom – 10 useful suggestions

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed plain

Cool decoration ideas - 10 tips for the decoration of the small bedroom

The decoration of the bedroom is very different from the design of the rest of the house. This is our private paradise for rest, relaxation and for beautiful moments.

For the most part, the bedroom is an ideal reflection of our personal style and taste.

Furthermore, decorating is much more fun than working on one of these large, empty rooms. For people with a taste for creativity and ingenious ideas, such spaces are a true paradise. There you can disassemble your imagination and your personal taste wonderfully.

Cool Deco Ideas - Follow These Principles!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small beige shelves window bed armchair

With a proper approach, the small rooms can be just as ergonomic and elegant as large rooms. Above all, you need to know about some of the main principles of the design. Through these, the small bedrooms will look more airy, open and spacious.

Do you want to get to know this rule? I wrote today's article about it! Have fun while reading.

Create a neat room

Yes, I know, that sounds like the advice of an annoying housewife. But actually there is no substitute for the good order. This creates the feeling of harmony and spaciousness. In the case of the bedroom decoration, it is much more complicated. You have to do much more than clean up the bed. You have to keep everything to a minimum and organize it wonderfully.

Create order!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small beige space saving bed stool

You should never overfill the side table or other surfaces with various small objects. For contemporary rooms with limited space, 100% is the rule: less is more!

Simple color palettes

Visual harmony is the most important factor when decorating small bedrooms. This defines the different shapes in the room. One has the feeling of a wider space than it actually is.

The use of many colors ensures a visual fragmentation. Simply put, do not use more than three colors.

Mostly a neutral color is enough for the background of some colorful accents.

Choose the right color combination!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small space saving bed stool

Where should these be used? Preferably at different places in the room. Pure white or cool gray, combined with some beautiful decorative pillows will certainly achieve the desired effect.

Different layers of light

Just the light has been the key solution for a stylish, fresh and gorgeous compact bedroom. In contrast to the large room, where a small lamp in the corner may be sufficient. This is all the more important if you do not have enough access to natural light.

Hanging lamps save space and are not in your way

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed

Combine natural light with smart suspension lamps. So you will achieve a uniform illumination. The best thing you should do without the floor lamps and other lights in the small bedrooms, which take up too much space.

Smart storage options

We started the article with the topic "order". To achieve this, you need many intelligent solutions for storage space. You need shelves on the wall and a nice wardrobe. If you want more, you have to be extremely creative. How about woven wicker baskets? This is a practical solution, which at the same time provides a color contrast in the neutral equipped room.

Find creative storage options!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed storage boxes

The soft natural fiber immediately makes your room completely relaxed. In addition, one can reinforce this impression by benches in the bedroom, stool and side table.

Find the right proportions and levels

They have a small space, so look for solutions that match the dimensions. For example, the combination of a small bed and a large side table looks anything but beautiful. Especially with the small rooms you should buy less impulsive.

Proportions and levels

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed wood

The right proportions are essential for the beautiful appearance of the room. In most cases, a wrong piece of furniture destroys the entire harmony.

Vertical equipment

Many people associate space with only the square area of ​​the room. You can also gain a lot of vertical space. The cupboards should occupy the entire height, the more the room will appear more spacious. This also saves space on the floor.

Use the height of the room!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed mirror wall

Currently there is a tendency to add stylish striped patterns to the wall. Consider this idea. So your space will appear more refined, elegant and larger at the same time.

Create a pivotal point

Small room does not have to miss a pivot. Actually, this one is even more important here.

In the bedroom, the bed is the natural choice. It is best to use this in this sense.

Of course, the bed is in the center of the bedroom

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight space saving bed minimalist

You should avoid some items that are more typical for the larger bedrooms. For example, I would not use a TV. However, if you really want one, then you should opt for flat screen on the wall.

The bed should be beautiful, opulence and class. Instead of unnecessary accessories, you should invest in something like that. Platform beds are the ideal choice for small spaces. They have a low design and a levitating shape.

mirror surfaces

The glass represents an intelligent addition to the compact rooms. They expand the space, so you could use the space behind it as a storage area without a guilty conscience. A beautiful mirror always has room in a comfortable bedroom. He also helps for the better distribution of the light.

A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors and mirrors saves a lot of space

cool deco ideas bedroom small tight fitted wardrobe bed mirror

Mirrored surfaces and bookcases with glass doors are also a welcome addition. If you absolutely want to follow the Fan Shui rule, cover the mirror with a curtain when you go to sleep.

The eye of a publisher

It sounds like a piece of advice that sounds simple but very hard to follow. We are always tempted to collect more and more items! Throw away everything you do not like!

Eliminate everything you do not really need!

cool decoration ideas bedroom small tight black white bed

After following all these rules, you have only one thing left: to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom. I wish you many beautiful moments.