20 crocodiles as inspiration for a whimsical decoration!

Crochet Tinkers Blue Dinosaur Cute

Crocodile - Whimsical creatures with their own personality

Are you a fan of DIY ideas? And can you crochet? If you give a positive answer to these two questions, then we have a great tip for you! Why not make a nice crochet animal yourself? This can turn you into a fancy decoration that makes your heart melt!

Make beautiful turtle

amigurumi crochet beautiful turtle green blue

The Amigurumi art

Häkeltiere Making your own is a real art whose roots are in the art of Amigurumi. Crocheting can be a seemingly complicated task at first glance. Creating tiny animal furrows seems rather impossible to many people! But one thing is certain: When making these figures, you spend a lot of time and diligence. But with the right guidance and enough inspiration, you can make a wonderful decoration for your home, even without being a real specialist. These creatures fascinate by their detailed appearance, even if they occur in tiny scales. Because, as you can convince yourself, they can indeed be tiny! So the real art can exist in really small dimensions!

Crochet fresh fish

crocheted animals tinker fish deco ideas

Cute tiny creature

crocheted animals craft amigurumi art deco ideas

Crochet slugs to the last detail

crocheted animals craft snails crochet beautiful patterns

Crocheting as a hobby

You can also have several Häkeltiere tinker and collect a large collection. Just leave them on the shelves, or turn them into the favorite toys of your kids. If you are a beginner, you better follow the guide. You could make the figures to your own taste and make them bigger or smaller, more or less decorate. These little animals are so cute that collecting them rather leads to an obsession. It's no wonder that tinkering with such figures becomes your hobby.

Use the Amigurumi figures as decoration for the home

Amigurumi crochet beautiful decoys teddies

Colored owls that bring a cheerful mood

amigurumi crochet colored owls tinker

Are not these giraffes impressive ?!

amigurumi crochet colored giraffe tinker

We hope that our picture gallery is a rich source of inspiration for you! Have fun crafting your unique decoration! Enjoy these and let your guests faint with cuteness too!

Great idea how to crochet a sheep

Crochet animals make sheep crochet deco ideas

Black cat in tiny scales

Amigurumi crochet pattern tiny black cat

Make a real turtle

Amigurumi cute turtle crochet deco ideas

Amigurumi figure cow

amigurumi crochet beautiful cow tinker

Inspiring idea how to put your artistic qualities into action

crocheted animals crafting whimsical creature deco ideas

Sweet deer

amigurumi cute deer crochet nice deco ideas

Fascinating Scottish Terrier

amigurumi crochet black dog scottish terrier diy ideas beautiful deco ideas

Use buttons for the eyes

Crochet tinker blue bird buttons

Funny bunny with mustache and hat

Crochet animals make cool bunny hat mustache

Let your imagination run wild

crocheted animals make beautiful deco ideas bunny hat

Make a whimsical Amigurumi figurine

crocheted animals make beautiful pattern deco ideas at home

Crochet elephants in purple

Amigurumi crochet elephant crochet beautiful deco ideas