Summer decoration ideas – 13 cool suggestions

summer deco ideas floral pattern pillow colorful pastel colors

Summer decoration ideas – awaken a summer feeling at your home

Bring colors and the feeling of the coming summer time into your home with our best tips and tricks – everything from the reorganization of the furniture to the fragrances of the new season you can experience now and here!

  1. to clean up

Think of your home as a rental apartment for the summer and you will see it in a whole new light.

Open doors and windows, pull back the curtains and throw away dark, gloomy and fussy furniture. Put away heavy accessories, including unnecessary little decorative elements. They do not need them during the hot summer months.

Summer decoration ideas – from the rearrangement of the furniture to the fragrances of the new season

summer decoration ideas tableware glasses fresh colored

  1. Cover a colorful table

If you need new tableware for your next dinner party, buy something with summery patterns and colors. Combine bright floral-tropical patterns on your everyday dishes and bowls. Design an improvised bar on a beautiful tray and arrange bottles and glasses there. Funny elements like stirrers and paper umbrellas create a fresh look.

Eating outdoors with the family

summer decor ideas porch terrace dining area

  1. Front on the porch

The warm weather in the summer months is a wonderful opportunity to organize a garden meal outside on the veranda. Eating out in the open with the family will make sure you use everything summer has to offer.

Rearrange the furniture for the summer

summer decoration ideas floral pattern red sofa window

  1. New look

The fireplace is the eye-catcher in the room at other seasons, now in the summer but not more. You need a new arrangement of furniture, far from the fireplace, which is no longer the focus of the room. They need more sunshine coming from the French windows and the door. Replace the heavy curtains with gauzy curtains that let the lightest breeze into the room. That’s what you need in the summer!

Enjoy the summer time outdoors

summer deco ideas garden furniture umbrella parasol

  1. the whole summer

Summer is not just a season, it’s like a state of mind. Redesign your rooms so you can enjoy the benefits of summer. For example, put a large parasol outside to have extra shade outdoors. Hang paper lanterns against the trees and branches next to the patio, making your friendships possible until late at night. Or if the weather is stormy, you can comfortably stay on the covered porch where a lamp light is burning. In rain or shine, you need to enjoy your summertime.

The shiny colors create a new look.

summer deco ideas flower pattern wallpaper repaint

  1. Renew your old furniture

Give an old chair or side table a new lease of life with glossy spray paint in a summery hue, like sky blue or grass green. The shiny colors create a new look. Be sure to prime the pieces of furniture so the paint will hold better on the surface.

Never leave the wall empty

summer deco ideas flower pattern fresh mural

  1. Works of art on the wall

Brighten up dark walls with colorful artwork. Affordable pieces can be found almost anywhere online or at flea markets. A large piece or a collection of pieces is the perfect solution for a blank wall.

Natural plants add a lot of charm to your ambience

summer decoration ideas natural elements plant sea feeling

  1. Natural living

To add attractiveness, plant succulents in an oversized shell. They require little care, but are a perfect complement to the summer dining table. The combination of natural plants adds a lot of charm to your ambience.

Good mood in the bedroom

summer deco ideas floral pattern fresh colors

  1. Happy comforters

Bright prints on the bed linen immediately create a good mood in the bedroom.

Bright colors look happy and create a summery mood

summer decoration ideas bouquet glass of yellow red

  1. Fresh from the garden

Bring bright summery colors into your home with freshly picked flowers. You can achieve great effect with warm colors, use saturated orange, radiant yellow, vibrant pink and save the rich reds like deep purple for the other seasons. Small groups of bright colors look happy and create an undeniable summer mood.

Welcome the summer

summer deco ideas table decoration tableware garden dining area

  1. The party can begin!

Let’s welcome the summer, outdoors! Low tables, floor cushions and garden lights – that’s sure to please everyone. The bright colors such as turquoise, red and white create a happy atmosphere and everyone will enjoy themselves here.

Longing for the sea

summer decoration ideas sea ocean fragrance candles

  1. Summer scents

In the summer, it must also smell summery in your house – so change the scents! Gingerbread and periwinkle are great scents for the winter months, but now many people are longing for sea breeze and melon!

Put away heavy accessories, including unnecessary little decorative elements

summer decoration ideas cool drinks refreshment

  1. To be relaxed to be casual

Summer weather offers perfect opportunities to use long-forgotten household items again. For example, a silver tray may be loaded with glassware, a jug and treats over a summer cocktail while a champagne cooler serves as a container.