40 color ideas Nursery – the magic of colors

color scheme children's room colors roofs wall decoration clouds pattern

Color Ideas Nursery - great combinations and ideas


Setting up the nursery is not an easy task, is it? Maybe you are sitting on the sofa now and have thousands of thoughts on "how, what and where" fits in the nursery. Do not worry because the nursery has a lot more freedom than the rest of the room in the apartment.

The children's room is the private room of your children and should be designed according to their expectations. If you know your child well, i. his favorite colors, books, movies, toys, music, then you will not have a problem. Today we talk about "Color ideas nursery". The theme seems to be very popular nowadays because the color scheme in the nursery decisively determines and completes the overall look. Furniture in the nursery depends mostly on the age and number of children. The nursery colors but you should cautiously agree with the taste of the child. Here you will find our ideas in pictures, which show different color and Dekokombinationen and which can help you with the nursery setting very helpful. Do not forget that boys and girls in childhood and even in teenagers want to be very different! You can take advantage of the magical power of colors and create original combinations without going beyond these limits. We wish you a lot of fun with Kinedrzimmer Gestalten!

Design a fairytale nursery

colors children's room green purple white

Yellow accents in the nursery

furnishing ideas nursery room yellow bed wall decor

Yellow wall design and white shelf

color ideas kids room yellow wall white shelf

accent curtains

color ideas nursery bed dresser yellow curtains

Yellow accessories enrich the interior

farbideen nursery yellow accessories dresser bunk bed

Two-tone nursery wall design

interior design ideas children's room yellow white wall


nursery color green wall design carpet shelf

Put green and blue together

furnishing ideas color ideas nursery green and blue pendant light

Color Ideas Nursery - Pink Inspiration

color ideas kids room pink carpet bed

Red and turquoise

colors children's room red and turquoise

Red chandelier

colors children's room red and turquoise baby cradle white

Nice furniture and strong colors in the nursery

colors children's room strong colors carpet small armchairs

Balloons and giraffe as a wall decoration

color ideas nursery wall decor desk yellow chair

Beds in turquoise

farbideen nursery 2 beds turquoise decoration ideas

Frame boy's room

  color ideas nursery design yellow pendant lamp blue bedspread

Blue and white stripes

color ideas nursery striped wall blue comforters

Lettering in yellow

color scheme kids room gray yellow accents

Design a photo wall

color scheme kids room gray wall design photo wall

Color ideas nursery - green accents

color scheme nursery green accents carpet bunk bed

Orange curtains are refreshing

  color scheme kids room colors carpet orange curtains

Great kids room design

color scheme nursery color wall decor

Blue furniture and decorative wall wallpaper

nursery colors design blue furniture bunk bed

Colored sideboard with elephants in red

color ideas kids room fashion dresser elephant pattern

Paper lights and four-poster bed with blue curtains

color ideas nursery design paper light sky bed

Map pattern

colors children's room design card pattern 2 beds

Wall design with square pattern in blue and white

colors children's room design wall paint square pattern sofa

Bright turquoise as wall paint in combination with colorful blinds

colors children's room design wall paint turquoise rollos

Wall-paper with floral pattern

color ideas nursery frame wallpaper floral pattern beds

Atmospheric duvet creates mood

nursery colors colorful bedspread carpet chair

Decorative blanket in pink and white stripes

children's room colors blanket stripes curtains

Wall paint old rose and brown furniture

kids room colors wall paint old rose furniture

Striped blanket in green and white

children's room colors wall paint blanket green white stripes

Nursery in juicy colors

children's room colors wall paint green pink furniture

For your boy and your little girl

nursery colors wall paint pink green stripes beds

Contemporary nursery colors

color ideas nursery fashion wall decal elephant

Design symmetrical nursery

nursery colors 2 beds photo wall

Wall paint beige with blue accents

kids room colors wall paint beige blue accents

Tender blue

children's room colors wall paint blue toy

Turquoise and pink in a great combination

nursery colors wall paint blue wall decal tree