Choose wall paints cleverly – create beautiful walls

wall colors ideas yellow kitchen kitchen island

Which wall colors would be nice on your walls?

 Some people know which color is right for your walls, but others are uncertain about their choice of wall paint. They just are not sure which shade fits best with their decor. For those who can not set a specific color tone, we have written this article.

We hope that it will help you too.

Light green wall paint and many plants create a natural ambience

wall colors ideas light green fell carpet plant

Some colors are perfect for the walls; others are not good at them, because they look better than fabric samples. We go to a few wall colors, which we find appropriate for a nice wall design. Let yourself be inspired to make the walls interesting and original. We will help you with some examples.

Bring freshness to the bedroom through the wall paint

wall colors ideas bedroom light purple gently

Emphasize the blue wall color through blue armchair

wall paint blue wall paint blue armchair


When you hear the word gray, you think wrongly of dark shades that are unpleasant and do not create a cheerful mood in the room. This color is by no means dark, colorless or boring. You could even use them creatively because it’s easy to combine gray with other shades. White, yellow are perfect for this.

Bright fresh living room

wall colors living room panoramic window gray carpet


The blue wall paint does not burden the eye and helps create a harmonious ambience where you can feel comfortable. Blue is therefore a great choice if you want to design a room for relaxation, like a bedroom.

Dark blue as wall paint

choose wall colors correctly dark blue


Green wall paint is the best way to give a room a fresh touch. A beautiful wall design is created by combining different shades of green. This ensures that you create an interesting and harmonious interior design.

Design the workplace with green walls

wall colors ideas workplace white table armchair green wall paint

Purple sofa in front of green wall

wall colors ideas living room green beautiful wall decoration

Framing fresh accent wall in green in the dining room

wall colors combine dining accent wall green pendant lights

Green wall paint and white furniture in the kitchen combine

wall colors ideas kitchen green wall colors white kitchen island


A good tip for those who want to put on yellow, would be the following. Choose those shades of yellow that would stand beautifully against the wall. So you will avoid the dramatic effect.

Design the bedroom in beautiful shades of yellow

wall colors bedroom fashion yellow fresh wall design

Yellow bedroom with an exotic look

wall colors ideas bedroom plants exotic look


Beige can not be boring and monotonous, if you use this skillfully for the wall design. With its help one creates a neutral, but tasteful interior. It can stand nicely in every room and in every interior.

In neutral shades, the room is more comfortable

wall colors living area beige harmonious

Combine beige and brown nuances

wall colors living room beige fireplace chalkboard wall clock

purple shades

This is a gorgeous wall paint that makes your walls look fairytale. You could combine it with white or gray.

Gentle purple nuances that refresh the living room

wall colors ideas living room lavender color floor lamp