Pink wall paint – Would you like to paint your walls pink?

purple pink wall paint walls paint trend colors 2014

Boring wall design? – Nil! Color the walls and breathe new life into your living space!

pink is a bright, attention-grabbing color that counts among the warm shades. In addition to pink, it stands for romance, tenderness and love, but it has an even stronger effect.

That’s why Pink is called strong pink. Depending on the intensity, Pink could have a soft or provocative look. A certain note extravagance is also noticeable and gives Pink something mysterious, right?

In fact, you do not need reasons to like a hue or not. That’s a matter of taste. It is believed that predominantly women like pink and pink shades. Basically, pink is a woman’s color, but not liked by many women. This makes them a controversial shade of color and as if they were often avoided, and not just as wall paint. But we want to show you the positive qualities of the pink, and you convince that pink can be used as a successful wall paint. Take a look at the examples below and decide for yourself or maybe against them pink wall paint.

  Pink Wall Paint – Do you stand on it and are you ready to experiment?

pink wall paint ideas benjamin moore trend colors 2014 crushed berries 2076-30

Pink is the favorite color of many self-confident women

walls paint pink wall paint wall decoration wall decoration

 Wall decoration with Benjamin Moore color Crushed Beeries 2077-30

pink wall paint ideas benjamin moore trend colors 2014

Pink wall paint in the dining room for all lovers of pop art

Pink wall paint dining room wall decor with color white pink wood

Pink also fits in the bedroom. In combination with other colors like yellow and light green you can create a lively color scheme

Pink wall paint ideas design with color

All purple and purple shades are among the trend colors 2014

Trend color 2014 pantone modern bathroom wall paint purplish

Delete accent wall in the current trend color

pink wall paint ideas decorate paint with color accent wall paint

Designer Ideas in Pink

pink wall paint ideas pictures wangestaltung with color

Colored wall design ideas

pink wall paint creative design color ideas

Pink is perhaps the most appropriate shade for women’s bathrooms

Pink wall paint wall decoration bathroom bathroom walls painting

 Paint walls – pastel colors in use

pink wall paint ideas pink pink shades

There are so many shades of pink and pink. Surely you will find something to your taste

paint wall ideas in pink pink walls

 You can try the shades that have been shortlisted on the wall

pink wall paint ideas pink shades try out patterns

 Salmon red as accent wall color in the bedroom

Pink wall paint bedroom wraparound with color salmon red

 Living room sofa in pink and white room walls also go well together

pink living room sofa color ideas wall paint white

Mix your wall color and create the color you want yourself