Wall Colors Pictures – 40 Inspirational Examples

Pastel wall colors color palette color scheme wall paints pictures

Great wall colors Images reveal how to enlarge a small room visually


Small rooms can be very inviting. For this you have to integrate the matching textures and nuances in the decoration.

The rule of thumb is that you should opt for bright, cold or bright colors.

The furniture and accessories should contrast little with it. The latter, of course, must also show the appropriate dimensions in order to achieve the absolutely perfect effect.

Painting walls can be so much fun if you follow a few rules

wall colors living room pink tender color scheme

Pink wall paint in the bedroom – create a romantic atmosphere

Color ideas for walls wall paints pictures wall design living room pink

Wall colors pictures

Watch in the next wall colors pictures the effect of the different nuances. See how the cold colors recede the room and let the warm – expand. The skillful use of these shades can also greatly affect the appearance of the room.

Purple and purple are among the trend colors of 2014

bedroom wall paint trend color2014 royal purple

The cold colors reflect the light and the warmer – absorb it. So take advantage of this trick and decide on suitable spots for blue, green or white. If you want the walls to diverge further, avoid the warm colors. These are orange, red and yellow.

Cleverly combine wall paints

wall paints pictures color mix color wall paints

 Current shades

inspirational color chart wall paint walls painting benjamin moore colors Inspirational paint panel wall paint walls paint benjamin moore colors

Saturated nuances

The bright, less saturated colors reflect the natural light. The more light enters the room, the brighter the whole will appear. Do you prefer to opt for a darker color? Then they will give the impression that the walls are receding.

Do saturated hues fit in your home?

wall paints pictures dark green wall paint

 Royal blue in the kitchen

Color ideas for walls wall paints pictures wall design living room


In addition to the wall paint pictures, these are also pretty important from the ceiling. The lighter colors make them appear brighter and higher. The dark colors reduce the distance. This can sometimes lead to the claustrophobic feeling. So be really careful in that regard.

Select the ceiling color appropriately

wall color white bedroom ideas ceiling color dark blue

Vivid blue as ceiling color

wall paint white wall paints pictures ceiling color dark blue dining room

Dark hues fit well in a room with a low ceiling, and bright in rooms with a high ceiling

wall color white modern dining room ceiling color gray

 Yellow has a sunny appearance

color design kitchen set up kitchen kitchen tablecloth in yellow

 Tender pink ceiling color in the completely white bath

wall color white modern bathroom ceiling color pink pink

Ceiling color – an interesting idea

wall paint white nursery cover color mint green pattern

 Combine wall and ceiling color

wall paints pictures colorful wall paint green blanket dark walls

 Light blue ceiling color in the small kitchen

wall paint white ceiling color light blue kitchen design

Different levels of shine

Not only the colors themselves, but also their brilliance is especially important. Most shades have a lot of choices in this regard. For darker rooms you should opt for brilliant colors. This reflects the light more strongly. The premises appear bigger and wider.

Shiny wall surface in silver

wallpainting pictures wonzimmer in wall paint silver

In full glory

wallpainting pictures great ambienete with wall paint silver

Also important in this selection is the texture of the wall. If the structure shows far too many irregularities and imperfections, you should opt for a less bright color. Because that way you would avoid them becoming too obvious.

Accent wall in green

color design ideas fresh pastel colors mint green wall paint green

Select relaxing color shades for the bedroom

      light wall colors light blue bedroom colors bed linen

Cute color design ideas for the kids room

color scheme nursery colors wall paint mint green wall shelf armchair dresser

Elegance and creativity – the same color, but slightly different

wall colors ideas creative wall design pictures ottoman

Mix similar shades

Combinations of wall colors dab bedroom wall

 Neutral color scheme with shades of brown

trendy colors 2014 wall colors pictures brown beige

Old rose for a feminine atmosphere

wall paint pictures old pink wall paint ceiling color dark red

 Blue looks a little stricter 

wall paints pictures colorful wall paint blue wall design

 Combine cold and warm colors

Combinations of wall colors bright dove blue

Gold accents on the blue living room wall

wall paint pictures living room sofa blue walls stroking

 An accent wall in red

wall paints pictures ideas living room red energized accent wall stroking

 Living room completely in red and white

wall paints pictures living room wallpapers red wall patterned carpet

The red wall paint also fits in the bedroom

bedroom wall paint dark red romantic bedroom warm color scheme

The bright green guarantees freshness and relaxation

wall paints pictures green wall paint and wood

Grass green wall color in the bath

green wall paint wall colors picture bathroom

The elegant and warm radiance of the yellow

wall colors pictures wall paint bathroom bright pastel yellow

 Sunny and energetic

wall paint bedroom yellow colorway walls paint bedding pattern

Brown and beige emphasize the warmth of the wooden floor

         wall colors bronzes dining room classic

 Orange can be combined with many colors

wall paints ideas living room orange signal paint walls stroking

Colored wall design ideas

Combinations of wall colors orange

 Orange as a wall and ceiling color, but in different shades

Combinations of wall colors orange ceiling