Gray as trend color – repaint your walls!

gray as trend color eclectic and cozy with fireplace

Gray as a trend color - why you absolutely have to repaint your walls

Gray is back in fashion. The color is at the front and pushes their competitors in the background - taupe, beige and ivory. Gray is the absolute must for your interior decoration - cool, modern and at the same time timeless and classic. Gray is the chameleon among the colors - it adapts perfectly to any design, mood and decor.

Strong gray with a luxurious touch

gray as trend color fur rug zebra and fur blanket

According to the psychology of colors, gray means peace and balance. On the one hand it is calm and safe, on the other hand it is practical, simple and solid. This harmonious blend of black and white is simply the queen of neutral colors. Why not just use more often?

Simple and elegant

gray as trend color elegant pendant lights made of steel and glass

Shining light gray for a discreet atmosphere in the living room

gray as trend color candle chandelier round table

Although gray is often associated with dark rain clouds, this interior color shade is anything but gloomy and drab. As the perfect backdrop for any style of living and any furniture design, the gray matches with many fresh tones such as pink, blue, purple and citrus.

A warmer shade in the bedroom

gray as trend color glass chandelier square leather stool

Gray has an incredibly wide gamut from casual elegance to sophisticated luxury. The lighter shades have a delicate, feminine touch, while the darker shades are more masculine. So, combine different shades of gray for an original, multi-layered effect.

Shabby chic in gray

gray as a trend color natural stone walls in white

Gray is not just gray. Grays are very complex and sometimes have undertones such as pink, blue, lavender and green, adding extra energy and dynamism to the main color. Some grayscale reminiscent of the old European cathedrals and give the room a historic, austere flair. Other shades of gray, on the other hand, have a modern and often even industrial character.

A perfect contrast

gray as trend color cherry wood parquet elegant white armchair

With gray you can just be trendy and still feel different and not "like everyone else". Among the many shades of gray you can find exactly the right one that best suits your style and character.

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The warm radiance of the wooden furniture gives the austere gray lightness and refinement

gray as a trend color floor-to-ceiling windows

Masculine ambience with a feminine touch in pink

Gray as a trend color optical width through mirror

Lavender undertones and retro furniture

gray as a trendy color colorful, funny poster

Dark red for more dynamics

Gray as a trend color wrought iron bed and dark red candles