The latest nail polish trends for nail polish fans 2017

 What awaits us at Nail Polish Trends 2017?

You decide for yourself whether the winter season is an occasion for depression or for wonderful celebratory moments. The gray time and the frost are grounds for motivation to be even more colorful and eye-catching than ever before. The current manicure trends give you the opportunity.

You can basically copy most of today's ideas at home. Nevertheless, we recommend professional help to make your nails last longer and look flawless.

Refreshingly new-the nail polish trends for 2017

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Neutral yet solemn nuances

The neutral character, combined with a festive aura, is typical for a range of colors from the blue and green palette. White and black also look similar when combined with a glossy finish and glittering details such as small gemstones, silver and gold 3D color patterns.

All these colors we associate with the sky - whether he looks bright from the sun or from the many stars.

Simple and very elegant 

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Keep yourself warm with a great sweater texture on your fingernails. This trend is not new and so that it is really up to date, you should do a lot in addition. Switch between different "knit shapes", continue to use glitter and different shades of one and the same color.

young, fresh and expressive nail polish trends 2017 6

Combination of bright colors and nude

Nails in style "Nude" can appear next to garishly colored ones. You will particularly emphasize the solemnity of the eye-catching patterns. The nude fingers, however, must have something upscale and solemn about them. French style can help in this case much further.

Rich in contrast in the right color 

nail polish trends 2017 18

Glittering nails with 3D elements

The glamorous nails with 3D elements look like real jewels. They will cheer up your mood in winter and autumn. In addition, we consider it a very successful choice for the Advent season. They already suggest your mood, but they are still reserved enough that they do not overshadow the solemn nail polish trends for the fiestas themselves.

Delicate nuances can also communicate extravagance 

nail polish trends 2017 11

Original matt colors

If you want something more neutral and cheerful, you would just have to use the pastel variation of the bright colors and the matte finish for your nail design. This is easy to maintain and looks very original.

Even more winter elements

Feel free to choose as many wintry symbols for your fingernails as possible. You can choose stars, but also ski patterns and the like. In order for you to be up-to-date, you should stick to the following rules: The symbols are best used on individual fingers. They should be tinted lighter than the others, albeit in the same color palette. The neighboring fingers would need to be glittered.

Gold shimmer, bronze or matt 

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Overloading is welcomed by many 

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The graphic expression is sexy

nail polish trends 2017 5

Look for contrasts and put jewels with nail polish 

nail polish trends 2017 7

The proof that less is more

nail polish trends 2017 8

The festive note depending on the occasion

nail polish trends 2017 9

In line with the evening wear 

nail polish trends 2017 10

Graphic pattern with 3 D effect 

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Opaque White says openness and honesty about the person 

nail polish trends 2017 11

Pure exotics for spirited ladies 

nail polish trends 2017 14

The haptic sense is addressed 

nail polish trends 2017 15

There is room for classic red in every trend 

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There are no limits to experimentation

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