Red hair: Interesting facts about redheaded people

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Interesting facts about people with red hair


Red-haired people attract the looks and attention of other people like no one else. Most red-haired ladies are considered particularly attractive. Anyway, it’s hard for them to go unnoticed.

But people with red hair are also a purely scientific phenomenon.

With those are very interesting and exciting things connected.

Dyeing red hair – what are the benefits?

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Only 4% have natural red hair

Only 4% of people have natural red hair. It is actually a genetic mutation. A child with red hair can be born into a family with many generations of dark-haired people.

The beauty of natural red hair

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Long hairstyles in red

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The largest number of redheads is in Scotland and Ireland

Most people who have red hair live in Scotland and Ireland. They are respectively 14% and 12%. In the US, they are around 2% of the population there.

Natural red hair and freckles go hand in hand

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Many prejudices

In many countries, people with red hair are victims of prejudice. They are considered too bold. But actually there are no facts that could confirm such a theory.

The sagas about the red-haired witches are probably originally from the Germanic folk tales.

Also in Corsica, it is traditionally that one shows in public aversion to the redheads.

With highlights

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Also in Scotland and England the attitude is not much better. It is believed here that the first person who comes over the door, determines the decisive for good luck next year. People with red hair are considered a bad sign.

Passionate look for the coming fall

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Problems with anesthesia

People with red hair have problems with anesthetics. They are difficult to get under their effects compared to all other hair types.

On average, people with red hair have the least amount of hair

Seductive trend hairstyles in red

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On average, each person has around 120,000 hairs on his head. This number differs depending on the hair type. Fewest hairs seem to have the redheads.

In Egyptian culture, it has again been believed that red-haired women bring bad luck. Because of this, they were burned alive.

The redhead Christina Hendricks 

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Red hair ages slower

The red-haired people are certainly lucky to be aging. The aging process in their case is much slower compared to other people. Red hair ages more slowly and they turn yellowish and then gray.

The mummies from the Taklamakan desert

In the Taklamakan Desert mummies were discovered by people with red hair. It is believed that they are more than 3000 years old.

Pop singer Rihanna with bright red hair

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