Enjoy a relaxing bath in the garden

surface bath towel bathtub in garden flowers pink wood

8 ways how to integrate the enjoyment of the hot tub in the yard

The immersion in a beautiful Bath in the garden represents one of the greatest pleasures. When not in use, the view of the vinyl constructions can be quite ugly.

The hot tubs represent a greater aesthetic challenge.

But how do you integrate hundreds of liters into the landscape while retaining the good look?

Here are eight ways to work successfully on such a project while preserving the beauty of the landscape.

  1. The right place – bathtub in the garden

city ​​courtyard outdoor area Bathtub in the garden privacy

Avoid exposing all sides of the bathtub. Instead, you should use the existing walls and fences to avoid multi-page editing. Cover the rest with a wooden structure. If you look down on the bathtub from above, you would see functional steps that lead into the water, but from the side you will notice a warm wooden wall.

  1. Determine an area in the exterior

design roofing bathtub in the garden privacy

Through the bathtub you could create a spa-like space that is separated from the dining area. In the example here you have used the wooden steps, which came together with the bathtub and the area was specially surrounded by a glass window spindle.

So you created a garden-like grotto, which you never have to paint again.

  1. Create a fulcrum

wood construction waterfall tub in the garden

This cedar bathtub is a relaxing element, even when not in use. This method requires expert testing because the irrigation system is integrated in the same vault.

  1. Make for a characterful appearance

Bathtub in the garden painted metal yellow

Consider installing a grabber tray. If you do this next to your house, you can connect to an existing heater and thus keep costs down.

  1. Plant right on the edge

Bathtub in the garden built in wood flooring plant

Like the inground swimming pools, the spas require a wide berth for access. Instead, you should position the bathtub as a nice central point in the garden. Here, the dense planting provides lush, private sphere, in which one can immerse.

  1. Hide them completely

privacy wood lemons bathtub in the garden wood

Hot tub? What a hot bathtub? The bespoke spas provide varied opportunities for covering them and this is especially useful in cases when they are above the ground. Here, a stone wall holds the bathtub, if you look from the terrace and the wall is integrated into the terraced garden.

  1. Create a sun terrace

Bathtub in the garden built in concrete nature rock beach

Even the inground baths need a covering. Because many are, and you have to say that clearly – ugly. The homeowners here have opted for a smart, fold-out cover that also serves as a sun deck.

  1. Stow the cover

Bathtub built in the garden summer house tree footpath

The rolling spa covers save you the trouble of removing the heavy and annoying filth. You might also consider creating a patio platform around the spa. Then the movable ceiling could easily slip underneath.

If you do not use the spa, this ceiling will appear as part of the sun terrace.

Built-in, round bath – wood flooring and spectacular views

bathtub garden built-in wood flooring round

Tropical nature environment

  bathtub in the garden enjoy summer wood hardy pebble

        How about something in your backyard in the summer?

amazing hot tub wood lying garden

Jacuzzi in the garden

exotic wooden bathtub round garden rope bridge

Romantic bathtub in the garden – rose petals and big foliage

exotic palms bathtub roses romantic

Fire pit and stones – indirect lighting still hidden in the plants

hearth bathtub wood stool legs

Vertical garden as privacy screen

fresh architecture garden vertical backyard bathtub

Impressive and environmentally friendly

minimalist modern bathtub mini pool garden