Privacy protection for bathroom windows – shutters and window decoration

Privacy protection bathroom window blue shutter

Privacy and peace in the bathroom

Everyone loves the windows. They let the sun and fresh air come into the room and provide emergency exit when needed. What windows do not normally lend is privacy. Without curtains, curtains or window blinds the room does not seem to be protected from new eyes. Passers-by can watch at night what's happening in your house.

The privacy is especially important in the bathroom, so you should be suitable Privacy screen for bathroom window choose.

Shutters - Blinds for bathroom windows

Privacy protection bathroom window asian style wood

When it comes to window protection, the shutters are the first thing you choose. Venetian blinds, horizontal shutters are one of the most well-known and popular options and they are available in various shapes and materials - wood, vynil, synthetic wood or plastic. Other designs include vertical shutters, which are mostly used for glass entrances. Built-in jalousies are also very up to date at the time. You can buy these directly with the appropriate equipment and mount them easily. Such shutters are convenient as they offer privacy, you do not need to dust them and they also look child-friendly.

Robust, natural look

Privacy protection bath window bath white

Privacy and light are important issues when it comes to privacy for bathroom windows. The daylight is really important for a small room, but the bathroom should be hidden. Take a look at our bathroom solutions if you want to redesign it.

The wooden shutters are a popular choice for the bathrooms because they reveal different patterns and colors and are easy to clean.

The shutters can be seen in British and English baths

Privacy protection Bath window bathtub window blind

Bright, traditional bathroom

Privacy protection for bath window classic bathtub

Large bathroom

Bathtub bathtub Privacy screen chandelier

  Dramatic look - dark colors 

Privacy protection bathroom window dramatic look

Wooden window blinds

Privacy Blind window

Apply window film

Privacy screen for bathroom window fresh green solution

Traditional bathroom design

Privacy screen glass partition Bathroom window curtains shutter

Asian touch - black window blinds

Privacy protection for bathroom window large glass wall

Virtual presentation - room planner

virtual furnishings bathroom bathtub wc

White, conventional bath

Bathroom window bright screen protection design sink

Bathroom decorated with marble

Privacy screen for bathroom window ceramic bathtub

Bathroom in the attic

Bath window monochromatic privacy screen

Another example of window blinds

Privacy protection bathroom window rattan wood

Brown earth tones used here

Privacy protection bath window robust natural

Bathtub with mosaic surface

Screen protection for bathroom windows around fenstrerollo

Floral patterns increase the level of protection

Privacy screen for bathroom window black white pattern

Graphical drawings - shower curtains and privacy screens for bathroom windows

Privacy shower curtain bathroom window traditional furnishing

Traditional design  and built-in ceiling lighting

Privacy protection bathroom window urban style indoor plants

Gray color scheme - window films

Privacy protection bath window sink equipment

Round sink

Privacy screen for bathroom window sink

Very small bathroom with a large window

Privacy screen for bathroom window wc shower curtain

White shutters for the bathroom

Privacy protection for bathroom windows white fabrics