Badeinrichtung with extra storage space – 45 stylish ideas for you

bathroom furnishings floating washstand with drawers

45 stylish ideas for bathroom furnishings with extra storage space

 A smart bathing establishment is essential for any bathroom, whether you have limited or no space. With these 45 chic interior design ideas, you can rethink your bathroom and explore extra storage options. In addition, all items and utensils are arranged perfectly.

They no longer waste time searching for things.

Wall shelves or washstands are the most popular pieces of bathroom furniture and they are available in many designs. Often, open or built-in shelves can be seen in most bathrooms. Today we also present some unconventional ideas for the stylish bathing establishment with antique display cabinets, pull-out drawers, metal constructions with coat hooks and creative, DIY shelves.

Very original, you can even use the old wooden ladder as a kind of storage for your bath towels or restructure with additional boards as a bath shelf. This idea gives the bathroom a rustic touch. Just look at everything and let yourself be convinced how sophisticated and elegant these examples of bathing facilities are.

A shelf in bright white

bathroom fixture built-in shelf with white storage boxes

Simple and very original

bathroom furnishing old wine boxes on the wall

For wash stands with open shelves, you can use curtains

bathroom furnishings sideboard under the sink with curtain

Nostalgic with lavender and candles

bathroom furnishing shelf from old wooden boards

Old display cabinets give the bathroom a special touch

bathroom furniture antique display cabinet

Vertical bath towels storage

bathroom decor storage idea for bath towels

A stylish alternative to the shoe tippers

bathroom furniture bathtub with fold-out shelves

Wood textures give the bathroom more heat

bathroom furniture bathtub with built-in shoe rattle

A five star hotel flair

bathroom furniture bathtub with shelves for towels

Mounting rings made of aluminum and preserving jars

bathroom furnishing diy cosmetics storage

Make every corner efficient and tasteful

bathroom furniture angular washbasin

Minimalist and stylish

Bathroom equipment a vertical wooden planks with boards

Hanging jewelry storage

  bathroom furniture filigree metal rod with hook

A relaxed Zen atmosphere

bathroom furniture freestanding bath and wall shelf made of walnut wood

Rustic romance with woven baskets

Bathing device wicker basket

Vintage decor quite modern

bathroom furniture glossy steel rolling rack

Filigree ladder and chair, elegant laundry basket

Badeinrichtung wooden ladder as storage

DIY wall shelf made of coarse wood and mason jars

Badeinrichtung holzplatte with coarse grain

Summery and fresh

bathroom furnishing wooden shelves and drawers

A chic retro closet perfectly arranged

bathroom furnishing small shelves on the inner door

A small cosmetics shop in the bathroom

bathroom furniture compact cosmetics cabinet

Claw-foot bathtub and elegant display cabinet

bathing establishment claw foot bathtub

A nostalgic touch of Provence

Bathroom furniture creative shelf of old wooden ladder

Loose and casual with natural materials

bathroom furnishing linen and wicker baskets in the closet

Chrome can also look elegant

bathroom set up with metal stand

Braided containers can be hung on the wall

bathroom equipment metal rods for wickerwork

Summery with artificial grass and branches

minimalist bathroom furnishings with Asian touch

Bright open shelves spread a good mood

bathroom furnishing open shelves in lemon yellow

Original, round design with compartments

Badeinrichtung original round dresser

Give your old flower containers a second chance

bathroom furniture original shelf made of old flower pot

Everything has its own place

Bathroom equipment plastic cup on the wall

Small flower pots are perfect for bathing

bathroom furniture shelf board with flowerpots

Vintage in style

bathroom furnishing retro idea

Elegant washbasin made of walnut wood

bathroom furnishings round washstand

Stylish lightness and aesthetics

bathroom shabby chic

Step-like shelf directly on the bath for more comfort

bathroom furnishing step-like shelf on the tub

   Rethink the function of old objects

bathroom fixture vintage bottle stand

Shabby chic in the bathroom

bathroom decor vintage display case shelf

Masculine charisma in gray and white

Bathroom furniture display cabinet and wooden ladder

Wall flower pots with filigree ornaments for the bathroom

bathroom furnishing wall flowerpots

Braided containers in different shapes and in fresh colors

bathroom furnishing wall tiles in natural stone look

Very discreet with metal tables and shallow sinks

bathroom two chrome brackets with glass