33 dark bathroom design ideas

bathroom furnishings black washbasin contrast

Dark bathroom design ideas – 33 suggestions to use dark colors in the bathroom

Most people avoid designing their home in dark shades. This rule is especially true for bathing facilities, as there are usually no windows in the bathroom and there is no sunlight in there. That is not always correct.

Dark colors in the bathroom are voluminous and harmonious. You can mix dark and light colors, but do not worry too much about having a white sink, for example. Be inspired by the following photos, where black, gray, brown and other dark colors dominate. So you can come up with some interesting new ideas.

Dark bathroom design ideas – alternative bathing facility

bathroom furnishing darker wall covering carpet

Black and red – classic colors that you can also enjoy in the bathroom

bathroom furnishing dark wall tiles red accent dividing wall

Another example

bathroom furniture dark wall tiles red bathtub

Dark wallpaper in the middle of the white bath

bathroom interior dark wall wallpaper contrast

Black mullions can be an accent in the bathroom

bathroom furnishing gray bathtub black accents contrast

Wood in dark brown looks classy

bathroom furnishing large mirror wood furnishing gray tiles

Silver bathtub refreshes the dark ambience

bathroom furniture manimalistic modern silver metal bathtub

 Black and white is always trendy

bathroom furnishings manimalistic black white

Another interesting proposal in black and white

bathroom interior manimalistic black white contrast flowers

Where there is a lot of light, even the dark colors can be bright

bathroom furnishings black bathtub minimalist stylish

Blue is in good contrast to black

bathroom furniture black furniture blue walls big mirror

Stylish shower cabin in the middle of the black bath

bathroom furnishings black wall flooring candles shower cabin

Pink integrates well with black 

bathroom furnishing black wall tiles pink accents round mirrors

Square sink in black – original and stylish


bathroom furnishing black white contrast pale yellow walls

bathroom furnishing black white furniture contrast

dark bathroom design dark wood elements

dark bathroom design gray wall

dark bathroom design ideas bamboo decor

dark bathroom design ideas brown accents

dark bathroom design ideas dark gray tiles

dark bathroom design ideas noble cabinet modern decor

dark bathroom design ideas built-in fireplace wood furniture

dark bathroom design ideas wood brown gray

dark bathroom design ideas pillow coziness big mirror

dark bathroom design ideas purple wall retro look

dark bathroom design ideas minimalist modern

dark bathroom design ideas black wall covering

dark bathroom design ideas black white antique furniture

dark bathroom design light accents completely black

dark bathroom design popart red blacks

dark bathroom design circular mirror flowers

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