Small bathroom ideas – space-saving bathroom furniture and many clever solutions

small bathroom ideas shower cubicle bathroom furniture practically compact

Small bathroom ideas and suggestions for a broader look


The small bathroom can hardly pose a problem for the modern man! Because you can feel just as comfortable in this as in any other. What objections could one have against it?

Let's discuss it a bit.

You want a tub? Do not despair if the bathroom is tight. Because free-standing tubs are also very popular. These can also be integrated outside the bathroom!

Do you have a small bath? Then plan it right!

small bathroom design wood floor finished shower cubicles modern bathroom furniture

Do you want to stow a lot in what you want to be close to? There are so many modern and functional solutions for wall, corner shelves and other modern variants. In the smallest room you can accommodate everything you need. It's almost tangible anyway!

Do you want to feel free there and not restricted? This can be overcome by a few decorative tricks. Exactly this is the topic that we want to discuss with you today.

  • Small bathroom ideas that make it bigger and more spacious

Visually enlarge the bathroom

small bathroom ideas freestanding bathtub red

In the first example, we see how one has expanded one dimension in favor of the other. It has been achieved by the dark execution of the narrower sides and the very bright, contrasting shading of the longer ones. That makes sense, too. Because you have distributed the first along all functional areas. So everyone has enough space.

Bright colors make the room appear larger

small bathroom ideas wall shelves sink vanity unit

The second small bathroom was done in white. So you have managed to make this look wider. This is a very simple but effective method. With textures and different levels of glamor, you could make a difference. Define the spaces better by smaller, executed in other nuances areas. Warm wood texture surrounds the washbasin.

Similar to the next example. But this looks a bit simpler.

White bathroom tiles and compact wood furniture

small bathroom ideas wall shelves sink cabinet wood shower cabin glass

Illusions of other premises

small bathroom ideas sink cabinet small bathroom tile blue white

If you decide on blue-white tiles as in this picture, then you create great fantasies. Such small-bathroom ideas remind us about the sea width. The colors make you think about it, right? Furthermore, such small-bathroom ideas by their great nuances to calm you. Is it true?

 Practical wooden shelf for towels

small bathroom ideas orange shower bathtub wooden shelf

 Modern bathroom furniture that saves space and looks great

small bathroom ideas modern bathroom furniture sink compact

 Stylish furniture design that fits perfectly in the small bathroom

small bathroom ideas modern bathroom furniture space-saving bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture wood - open shelves in use

small bathroom ideas bathroom furniture bathroom furniture wood sink wood shelves

 Bathroom cabinets made of wood, which need little space

small bathroom ideas shower bathtub bathroom wood cabinets practical

Plain and simple

small bathroom ideas bathroom furnish vanity unit sink toilet

For all necessary utensils in the bathroom

small bathroom ideas shower bathtub bathroom vanity sink

Small, tight and long, but fully equipped and comfortable

  small bathroom ideas close bathroom shower cabin toilet

 Minimalist and modern - floor-level shower

small bathroom ideas modern bathroom floor-level shower

Shower without glass cabin - this is also a solution for the small bathroom

small bathroom sink sink vanity toilet bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles with wood look

    small bathroom design bathroom tile shower cabin glass

Colored floor tiles contrast with the white wall tiles

small bathroom design bathroom tile shower cabin glass bathroom window

A compact walk-in shower will save you a lot of space

small bathroom design compact shower cabin glass bathroom furniture

Color accents and decorative elements refresh the small bathroom

small bathroom design towel dryer small bathroom ideas orchid

 Only separated by a glass

small bathroom design sink round toilet bathroom tile small bathroom ideas

The washing machine in the place of the lower cabinet

small bathroom fashion washing machine purple wall paint small bathroom ideas

Find a small niche for the washing machine

small bathroom design washing machine niche finished shower cabin small bathroom ideas

 There is room for everything!

small bathroom ideas washing machine shower cabin bathroom furniture

 Typical woman! - a small bath in pink and pink

small bathroom tile pink shower cabin glass bathroom furniture pink women's bathroom

 The retro style is announced

small bathroom set sink toilet retro style tile wall decoration

 Black tiles are not recommended for the small bathroom, but the round bathroom furniture is simply spectacular

small bathroom set sinks round toilet bathroom tiles

 Built-in tub in the small bathroom - that's perfectly possible!

small bath set up bathtub space-saving bathroom furniture

Combine shower and bath

small bathroom tile mosaic tile shower bathtub bathroom furniture

Mosaic tiles in light blue

small bathroom tile blue mosaic tile shower cabin glass bathroom furniture