Modern bathroom ideas – how to bring nature closer

modern bathroom ideas palm tree

Modern bathroom ideas with nature

Yes, of course, we may have confused you a bit. Because it does not directly understand what we mean exactly. We intend to explain this to you immediately. It is the integration of the feeling of nature into all these ideas that have been thought of as a modern bathroom.

In most cases, it's not about integrating a large vertical garden.

Rather, we want to show you through the examples of today, that this can also be achieved by very discreet interventions in the interior. Because the small details could sometimes be more effective than the lush appearances. This is exactly what the selected examples can achieve.

Do not get us wrong. We do not say that the minimalist approach is the best. Rather, we want to make it clear that one can also experience through these a wonderful closeness to nature. Above all, this applies to the cases when you have a true view of nature. Such are many of the examples that we have put together for you today.

Green Modern Bathroom - Ideas for an Oasis Look

modern bathroom ideas palms


We said we do not want to put the accent on the lush appearance. But we will not omit such examples either. Because, look how beautiful they look! Here you have ensured by the right green equipment for a real spa atmosphere. The ideas for modern bathrooms often also benefit from the clean and clean lines of the exotic plants that have been used.

Neon green and a wall of natural stones

modern bathroom ideas neon green

Such ideas for modern bathrooms like these show the closeness to nature in a very skilful minimalist way. It depends on the color of the cabinets, the texture of the wall and the plants. The lamp also serves as a great element. Do not you see a great correspondence between the look of a tree and its design?

In such an ambience, the effect of the sea really comes into its own

modern bathroom ideas panorama


In such bathrooms, the idea is especially modern that you can serve the outdoor area as a part of the interior. If you did not look more closely, you would certainly not know if this is a landscape or the image of it. So one has subordinated everything within the effect. If you look in detail, we mean the neutral surfaces, the slight discoloration of the glass, which corresponds with the water outside, as well as the mirror effects.

Fresh Modern Bathroom, Ideas with green in the city

You do not have to be out there somewhere in nature to let the green interact with ideas in a minimalist modern bathroom

modern bathroom ideas floating vanity

This bathroom could be located in the middle of the largest city in the world. Because there are trees, too. If you're lucky, you can see them through a window. Then you set a mirror and enjoy it from every corner of your own modern bathroom.

Almost every one of us can implement ideas like these

modern bathroom ideas nature

Again, we have a similar case. But here we still have a great idea, which you can integrate into almost any bathroom. Here one has planted in front of the glass wall of the bath. The one row makes a lush green wall and the others make for a bit more purple in the foreground. Once again, the mirrors and the small flowerpots ensure that the effect of the green plants in the bathroom is even more noticeable.

Textures are based on great ideas for your modern bathroom

Yes, that is also a very successful approach, through which you can bring nature closer to us. We have also found many great examples that illustrate this.

It is not for nothing that the wood and all its great qualities have been used here. Everything, including the small pool, is so natural here.

Almost the same as the great stream that you can see outside

modern bathroom ideas bach whirlpool

Here you have a great green carpet

modern bathroom ideas quadrangular

Within this minimalist bath with radiant surfaces you bring nature inside. But you did not need a branch for that at all. Nevertheless, the result is truly unique, natural and relaxing.

Combine effective neutrals with natural elements in modern bathrooms

There are neutrals and neutrals in the colors. There are textures and textures. There are surfaces and surfaces. If you benefit from the wide range of these and take out the best everywhere, and combine them, miracles will arise. Everything seems so easy, but it has an incredible charisma. In such cases, the natural elements can be wonderfully integrated. Because they are really wonderful and strong in such an ambience.

What do we mean? Here's the example

modern bathroom ideas mirror bowl-shaped sink

Everything seems stealthy, but really noble. Look at these Beigeuancen that come out of the materials themselves ... That's why they are so beautiful. They are natural. That's why the plants are so great at this point. And again we have the mirror surfaces ... It seems that you do not want to do without something in modern bathroom ideas.

Nature is gray here

modern bathroom ideas zen

It is winter. But one also seems to see and experience the beauty in such a way. The dark neutrals reflect the radiance of the bare branches of the forest. In the other seasons you can certainly add some plants to be in tune with the mood of nature. But now that's good. Nature is everywhere in its pure form.

Again, the change of season through this window to the forest seems to break into the interior quite naturally

modern bathroom ideas puristic

So simple ideas can do wonders in your modern bathroom, even if it's small and tight like this one.

Real spa experience in your modern bathroom

Let's say that now to the spa theme. Most of the time, even with modern bathroom ideas, you can see many things from Asian Zen gardens. They can then be integrated into the interior. Among other things, they are so suitable in the bathroom, because you have a lot of running water at your disposal.

Then everything works all the more natural here

modern bathroom ideas open shelves

 Such ideas can make a big change for the better in your modern bathroom by little means. Everything you have done is really simple: insert pebbles next to the window and place a plant.

The element of the water is as already mentioned

modern bathroom ideas mozaik walls

 Here you simply put on plants, the sight of which has a decidedly beneficial effect

modern bathroom ideas teal tiles

A great solution if you live right next to the forest

Modern bathroom ideas at the window

Design your modern bathroom in Bali style

modern bathroom ideas asian flair

Tropical exoticism at home

modern bathroom ideas outside

A design classic as an eye-catcher in your bathroom

modern bathroom ideas ivy plant

Create yourself a piece from the far east

modern bathroom ideas feng shui

A modern fireplace fits perfectly to the bathroom

modern bathroom ideas hearth

A modern bathroom with lots of wood surrounds you with a pleasant warmth

modern bathroom ideas freestanding tub wood

A masterpiece in turquoise and white with many plants

modern bathroom ideas futurish table

The wall in natural color gives the bath suppleness

modern bathroom ideas green plant

Feel like being in the country

modern bathroom ideas green plants

A green, living wall gives an incredibly clear feeling

modern bathroom ideas green wall

Minimalism meets nature

Modern bathroom ideas in the forest

A modern bathroom design for true Asian fans

modern bathroom ideas japanese

Oval bathtub with copper shining and breathtaking view

modern bathroom ideas copper tub

For those who like it more dignified

modern bathroom ideas marble

Summer feeling in turquoise and white

modern bathroom ideas sea view

The oval whirlpool corresponds perfectly with the beautiful panorama

modern bathroom ideas minimalist

Natural stones and lush vegetation

modern bathroom ideas natural stones

The lighting enhances the tremendous effect of the rock

modern bathroom ideas natural stone

Room-high window and conifer

modern bathroom ideas panoramic windows

You feel like you're in the rainforest here

modern bathroom ideas rainfall shower

Minimalist and romantic at the same time

modern bathroom ideas black bathtub

Rough wood goes perfectly with the succulents

modern bathroom ideas succulent

Openness and warmth - a beautiful, tropical ambience

modern bathroom ideas teak asian

Bathing like in a fairytale

modern bathroom ideas pond lotus flowers

Similar variant with free-standing bathtub

modern bathroom ideas pond panoramic window

The partition emphasizes the effect of the plants behind the glass

modern bathroom ideas partition wall

Such a panorama window can make bathing a special experience

modern bathroom ideas white vases

Classic with white orchid

modern bathroom ideas white orchid

A modern Zen feeling

modern bathroom ideas zen asian