Wallpaper ideas in the bathroom – 21 fancy and stylish proposals

 bathroom white elegant stripes pattern yellow chair accent

21 fancy wallpaper ideas in the bathroom - refresh your bathroom

The wallpapers are not the most popular wall covering for the bathroom. Although there is a large variety of Venyl wallpapers on the market, they do not buy people in large quantities. Actually, the contemporary wall covering can easily withstand the humidity in the bathroom, even the steam when hot showering or bathing should not be a problem.

In this case you could install underfloor heating and the walls would dry faster. If you have a shower cubicle, as is common in European countries, you may not even know this problem. Here are a few examples, take a look and get inspired.

Fancy wallpaper ideas in the bathroom - 21 inspiring suggestions

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom white gold atmosphere

Minimalist bathroom design in black and white with striped wallpaper

wallpaper ideas in the bath black white stripe pattern

The pink pattern makes your bath look delicate and fine

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom pink pattern subtle bathrobe

Rectangles in pink - beautiful decoration in the bathroom

wallpaper ideas in bathroom pink pattern abstract

An interesting idea to hang in the bathroom mural

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom retro modern mural

A very fresh mood brings this wallpaper with lemon and kiwi

wallpaper ideas in the bath freshness mood lemon kiwi

Geometric pattern and stylish floor lamp - best decor

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom geometric ornaments

Delicate blue color and large floral pattern - an eye-catcher

wallpaper in bathroom bright blue floral pattern mirror

When brushing your teeth, study the world

wallpaper ideas in bad map world travel plan

Rustic wood furniture contrasts with the dark tapestry pattern

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom solid wood

Flowers as a wallpaper pattern and a bouquet make a good mood

wallpaper ideas in the bathroom floral floral pattern floral bouquet colorful

bathroom interior pink accent bathturned

bathroom interior pink pattern extravaganza

Enjoy nature - even in the bathroom

bathroom interior mountain view wallpaper wallpaper

Bathing in the sunlight can be quite comfortable

bathroom interior roof bathtub retro floral pattern

Combine diverse and unusual designs in the bathroom

bathtub red house pattern small mirror silver accent

Round bathtub

bathtub round pink white abstract interesting

SPlaying cards in the bathroom - perfect for gamblers

bathtub white accents playing cards idea

  Elegant and stylish - subtle patterns and colors

bathroom white stylish subtle pattern bouquet

Wooden furniture and large windows - an extravagant decision for the bathroom

bathtub retro design gorgeous classy