Colored bathtubs ideas for modern bathrooms

 modern bathroom bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub red white

Colored bathtubs are a decoration in the bathroom


Modern homeowners and designers create the bathrooms with colors and shapes with the same care as the other rooms. Take a drop of love for sumptuous bathroom accessories and facilities and the strong will to secure a strong bathroom experience.

So you already have the momentum needed to create great contemporary bathrooms.

One of the most fashionable trends are the single baths. Today I would like to introduce you to some of those who are also characterized by great nuances.

Design trendy bathrooms with more color

Luxury bathroom freestanding bathtub male

colored bathtubs bring more life and can define the color palette of the rooms. Just imagine how cool that can be. This is especially true in cases where one decides on a rather rare, exotic nuance. Surely your design will be exciting and anything but boring.

Metallic colored bathroom

Extraordinary bathroom mettalic color bathtub

Classic bathtubs with castors

classic bathtub with roll modern bathroom

Bathtub with night sky motifs

freestanding bathtub with shower night sky

Design tropical bathroom

tropical bathroom bathroom furniture freestanding bathtubs

Rustic design ideas

Bathrooms ideas bathroom rustic look

Minimalist look

contemporary bathroom minimalist freestanding bathtub

New life

Most colored bathtubs are processed old pieces. That has a good reason. The painting of an old, used and classic piece is much more inspiring than a brand new ceramic piece. You could also do the lion's feet in a completely different shade. These could also be left in a neutral color. This has a great effect within a modern ambience. The bathtub is available in several styles. What would you rather decide for: the rolled, flattened edges or the stapler feed tray.

Integrate side table

modern bathroom set up freestanding blue side table

Lion feet look stylish and classic

modern bathroom set up freestanding blue bathtub sink

 Freestanding bath with pedestal

modern bathroom ideas bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub

The first variant also has the value of an antique. However, you have to be prepared to spend a larger sum. Modern replicas are of course much cheaper and you can experiment there with a clean conscience with the color. If you want to incorporate such a bathtub in a modern decor, then the pastel shades. Bathtubs in gray and black seem more modern than antique.

Pastel colors go well with the bathroom

modern bathroom ideas freestanding bathtub pastel colors

Modern ideas with herringbone pattern

modern bathroom ideas herringbone pattern bathtub

Washbasin and bath with green accent

modern bathroom green accents freestanding bathtub

Colored bathroom in blue and white

stylish bathrooms in blue and white bathtubs

It is not all about the Löwenfüsse

The colored equipment is certainly not reserved only for the Löwenfüssen the bathtub. Another classic variant is the bathtub on a pedestal. They lose their royal countenance regardless of the place where they are. Classic bathtubs usually take up very little space. The use of bold colors will not contribute to the overcrowding of the room. There are many contemporary ceramic variants. This, as well as the wooden and the ceramic variants bring a peculiar character with it. They may not be as meaningful as the bright red or the jade green, but they are much better than the plain white versions.

Unique bathtub in orange

contemporary bathroom unique bath tub ideas

Blue bathtub with pedestal

colored bathroom bathroom furniture bathtub with pedestal

Shiny chocolate color

modern bathroom ideas bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub

I've always thought it better to first pick the overall color palette of the room and then put it in that one accent with a single bathtub.

If the existing bathroom is monochromatic or neutral, then the options are certainly endless. Remember, however, that the colors you choose will be of primary importance. You will determine the mood of the room. So you should make sure that these colors give you a lot of comfort.

Red inspiration

contemporary bathroom ideas red bathtubs

Color contrast between turquoise and orange

modern bathroom ideas turquoise wall design bathtubs

Black and white design for a classic look

black and white bathtubs freestanding with contemporary pedestal

Eclectic bathroom with black pendant lights

bathroom eclectic freestanding bath tub ideas pendant lights

A spectrum of different styles

The colored bathrooms are not just about the many shades, but also about the many styles. The invigorating and poppy red bathrooms are more suitable for people who like the antique character. The cool blue variants look great in modern rooms and are characterized by a serene and opulent aura. The soft nuances of yellow provide freshness and a soft charm alike. They are absolutely suitable for the cottage style and rural amenities. Also consider reactive shading. Through these, you could achieve a tailor-made, rural look. Greenish blue nuances are an even more grateful and eclectic approach to bathroom design.

Rustic and simple

original bathroom furnishings bathroom furniture freestanding bathtub

wall type

bathroom ideas style family house yellow wall design wallart


Bathrooms ideas freestanding bathroom

It is clear that you should choose a color that suits the other shades. You can also consider an elegant, red bathtub if you want to decorate a minimalist room with yellow pastels. So now is the time to get creative and give yourself as much freedom as you want in terms of style. Opt for a matte surface to keep your energetic and sparkling mood. At the end of the day, it's about you and the color you want to be surrounded by.

Bathtub with shower

  bathtub with shower light blue

Outdoor bathroom

     bathroom outdoor yellow freestanding pergola bathtub

In the beach style

bathroom in beach style freestanding bath tubs

Blanket and bath in dark blue

blue baths ceiling modern bathrooms

Free-standing bathtub with castors

   freestanding bath with roll bathroom