The 10 hottest bathroom trends 2017 – designing the bathroom, shows new horizons

Today's bathroom design is getting more comfortable and homely, and that's exactly what we like to tell you about. The personal needs of the users this year are the highest priority, after which the bathroom furniture and the bathroom design are aligned.

The bathroom of today is called "Wohnbad"

But maybe your bathroom design is already fixed and you are just wondering where to buy good and affordable bathroom accessories? The good bathroom cabinets from Schildmayer, which accommodate all your belongings for bathing and do not take up much space and space, are also among the trendiest bathroom trends in 2017.

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Trend 1) Ergonomic toilets and anti-slip coating or special surfaces in the shower will accompany us from this year onwards and in better elaborations.

Trend 2) Personal safety and the comfort coupled with sustainability result in a new and better perception of the space, which has so far been reduced to the functional and the hygienic.

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The digital bath

Trend 3) The hit of the year 2017 is undoubtedly the digital bathroom, which naturally complements your smart home. The energy-saving LED lighting of the bathroom can now be easily controlled by pressing a button, just like the desired water or room temperature. As you may have already noticed, the bathroom design is reaching new dimensions and heights that simply promise you a better quality of life, which is part of the fourth trend of 2017.

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Trend 5) In terms of interior design, the sheet turns completely around again. Large and bright bathrooms are reminiscent of the years of the Bauhaus. Reduced forms and individual splashes of color enliven your bathroom and 3D mirror cabinets visually enhance tasteful interior design.

Trend 6) For free-standing baths, there is also space in smaller bathrooms, because here you should also find a few minutes of relaxation and enjoyment.

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Trend 7) wood look

Do you like the wood look, you can extensively furnish the bathroom with wood, based on the 2017 trends. Designer wood wash basins or bathtubs, but also tiles in wood look round off the specific sense of coziness and sophistication.

bathroom design living room bathroom trends 2017

Further increasing trends this year are still the toilet rimless WC (Trend No 8) and the geometric wall patterns (Trend No 9). And if everything is still nature conscious and 100% designed according to your personal needs, you are not just in the world Trend No 10, but can appreciate yourself as a happy person and fully enjoy your personal and comfortable bath.

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