25 Modern Glass Shower Stands – Have you already selected yours?

Modern glass shower cubicles bathroom minimalist

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The bathroom is a holy room in every home these days. A little privacy for relaxation and body care. Even in ancient times bathing was a particularly important ritual for the ancient Romans as well, they built magnificent spas, that is, temples of their bathing culture.

In our dynamic everyday life, a relatively small space in our apartment is becoming increasingly important - the bathroom! It is particularly important to us as a well designed small room and refuge for relaxation and rest. That's why it's so important: how did you design your bathroom? With shower cubicle or bathtub?

25 home ideas for modern glass shower cabins

Modern glass shower cubicles dark azente wood wall

Since the 1960s, shower enclosures have been very popular in all European households and are gradually replacing the once established bathtubs. Especially in recent years, in the face of rising energy prices, more and more people are opting for an energy-saving shower enclosure. The designs of modern shower walls are varied and interesting.

What advantages do you have in your bathroom with a shower cubicle:

  • Convenience while showering
  • Your privacy
  • Fast cleaning and easy care
  • Saving time and energy

Whether you prefer a fully framed, partially framed or frameless shower cubicle is actually only a matter of your liking, as technically it has made great progress in the production of the shower cubicles.

Refined bathroom has a state of the art shower cubicle with blue glassalls

modern glass shower cabins minimalist

When you buy your shower cubicle, you have to consider a few things and make some decisions. But we advise you: leave most of the work to the expertise of professionals in this field. You have the experience and will be happy to assist you. For example, the choice of shower tray shape is not just a matter of taste. Pentagonal or quadrant, square or rectangular shower cabins all have their pros and cons, depending on your bathroom situation. The doors in the shower cubicle area have become really diverse in recent years. The offer has really risen and the benefits of each model are often obvious only to your expert advisor.

Factors such as glass thickness, profile color, door construction, design, glass decor or your personal preferences play a major role in the selection of your cabin solution.

We would like to inspire you with fresh ideas and timely concepts!

Modern glass shower cubicles purple color light technological

Realize your personal style in the bathroom! How different this can look, we show you here in our picture gallery!

Experience the new feeling of relaxation and well-being in your bathroom with a modern shower cabin!

Modern glass shower cubicles acrylic plastic technology

Gray, cool shades in the bathroom

Shower cubicles made of glass offer bathtub

Asian decorative elements in the bathroom - compact transparent shower cabin

Modern glass shower cubicles bath carpet soft dark brown  Modern shower enclosures-from-glass lighting   Contemporary, highly technologically equipped shower cubicle

Modern glass shower cubicles ergonomic technology ' Glass shower cubicles gray wall design

Interestingly patterned frosted glass doors

Glass shower cubicles gray design beautiful glass shower cubicles compact innovative  Cozy and warmModern glass shower cubicles minimalist brown

The walls in the bathroom with wood paneling

Modern glass shower cubicles minimalist bathtub

Compact shower cabin with sliding doors

Modern glass shower cabins flowerpot

Quite simple, but practical

factual design shower cabin made of glass white frame

Technological equipment and ergonomic design

Modern shower cubicles made of glass technology equipment beautiful glass shower cubicles technological base cabinet Modern glass shower cabinets traditional bathroom beautiful glass shower cubicles traditionally beige

Objective design, monochromatic colors

Modern glass shower walls gray monochromatic

Dramatic dark purple walls in the bathroom in contrast to the transparent shower cubicle

Modern glass shower cubicles

Small shower cabin with frosted glass doors

inovattive glass shower cabinets washbasin table