Design with color: When should you use red in the bathroom?

Design with color shiny walls in cardinal red

Design with color: what red nuances fit your bathroom?

Did you remember the popularity of the red color when designing fine dining? This is especially often applied to the walls. One of the reasons for this is the universal application of red paint on different walls. In addition, this color harmonizes well with the different skin types.

The owners are probably hoping for your satisfaction at the sight in the mirror.

On the other hand, choosing the red color in small spaces is a complicated affair. It does not look good in small bathrooms. While the warm colors contribute to a visual enhancement, the red makes the room seem smaller.

But this will also contribute to a warm, protective and comfortable feeling. Are you a fan of minimalist spaces? The meaningful red color will avoid the sterile and stiff look.

You have different options when it comes to the red color. You can choose a natural red or a softer shade. You can also choose a shades mixed with blue or another, which goes in the direction of fuchsia or burgundy.

Sometimes you have to apply many layers of red paint to completely cover the wall.

In this picture we see a gorgeous mosaic of red pieces in different shades

Design with color tiny tiles red orangish mosaic

The wall seems to have an inner glow. Do you want a splash of red wine and still wish a lighted and spacious appearance? You can compensate for the entangling effect of the red color by the good lighting.

The reddish orange walls look modern and chic, especially in combination with white, gray and black

design with color coral wall with animal statuettes

The next picture blends reddish-orange colors with wood and bronze.

They accentuate the warm, comfortable appearance

design with color venetian red wooden vault

I'm a big fan of the tiles, but I'm also looking for alternatives for these. Many people do not like them because of the cracks you have to clean. For many surfaces would be the commercial epoxy paint. This creates water-repellent surfaces that can be easily cleaned.

Not only chic but also functional

Design with color very modern in fire red

I love this elegant bathroom in the next picture.

It has a bit of the shade of the mortar applied to the tiles, so as not to make the difference seem so big

Design with color fancy wall sconces and glossy tiles

You could also opt for the varied appearance in the next image and provide the white area with a few strong red accents

design with color bricks dark red accents

That would be an inexpensive and at the same time very effective variant.

Do you like this red painted bathtub? Personally, at first I reacted rather negatively when they saw it.

The combination with the dark red colored wall, however, I find really exciting

Design with color century center design tub

Next comes a dazzling bathroom with a dramatic accent wall with red and orange mosaic tiles by Ward-Young Architecture & Planning

Design with color wrought iron sinks reddish orange tiles

Do you also like the contrast between the warm wall colors and the wooden toilet cabinets? They are striking against the background of the stainless steel sink and the accessories complete the bathroom.

How hot do you think the red color? Have you already ventured a design in their nuances? Or would you rather do that after today's post?

Extremely minimalist on the gray wall

Design with color red design minimalist

Silky sheen and elegant red

design with color noble red shower curtain with silky sheen

Shining wine red with magnificent chandelier and artistic mirror

design with color burgundy shiny walls chandelier in baroque style