Create a small bathroom and decorate it creatively – inspiring examples

Small bathroom shape creative wall design ideas

So you can design your small bathroom 


Think creatively and break the rules! You can follow this motto even if you design your little bathroom. Here are some ideas on how to proceed differently in the bathroom design. If you want to express your individuality, then do not be afraid to be different and give your creativity free rein!

We do not say that you should copy or imitate the following examples. But on the contrary. We just want to get you to freely print out your own ideas and we encourage you to design your bathroom the way you and only you like it. This is your own privacy and it could also be your very special oasis of well-being. That is in your hands.

Creative wall design in the bathroom

Small bathroom frame creative wall decoration in pop art style

You may think, "It's just a bathroom and a small bathroom that I do not spend much time on. Why should I invest effort and money in making this beautiful and exceptional? "But that's not the right attitude.

The bathroom, like any other room in the apartment, is important for your well-being. They spend the first and the last 10 to 20 minutes of each day in the bathroom. Do you think it does not matter if you start the day with a smile on your face or not? Prepare yourself every morning when you get up and enter your bath. Fresh, bright colors, your favorite color shade on the wall, a few pictures or a very special piece of art, inspiring celebrities or beautiful nature pictures - what would you like to see on your bathroom wall?

Creative wall decoration ideas will make your little bathroom shine

Small bathroom frame creative wall decor wall paint white

Determine the furnishing style, choose a suitable wall color, browse for photo wallpaper! Or maybe you prefer simple and beautifully patterned wallpapers? Collect inspiring images that you frame and hang on the wall. Design the wall with black and white family photos or just do what your heart desires. We support you and would like to inspire you with the following picture gallery. Get started and enjoy the design process!

Create a creative and relaxing atmosphere

Small bath room bathtub. Creative wall decoration

What fascinates you? Do you have role models?           

Small bathroom photo wallpaper merilyn monroe

Draw yourself on the bathroom tiles

Small bathroom frame wall tiles paint art

Patterned wallpaper of your choice

Small bathroom frame creative wall decoration with wallpapers

Photo murals depicting the beauty of nature

Small bathroom design photo wallpaper nature pictures

Use the mirror!

Small bathroom shape creative wall decoration ideas

Dozens of framed pictures on the wall

Small bathroom design wall design with pictures

Black and white photos

Small bathroom design wall design with pictures black and white

Hang drawings and memorabilia

Small bathroom frame creative wall decoration

Like in an art gallery 

Small bathroom design creative wall decoration pictures and picture frames

In the antique shop you can find interesting decorations and matching picture frames

Small bath shape bathtub creative wall decoration

Maritime decoration in the bathroom

Small bath shape creative wall decoration turtle

Neutral and designed in black and white tones

Small bathroom frame picture Mural

A funny idea with practical use

Small bathroom design wall design towels chop

Small decorative items in combination

Small bathroom sculpt creative wall decoration sculptures

Greek statue as a bath decoration

Small bathroom shape creative wall decoration sculpture greek style

Art of mosaic tiles

Small bathroom design creative wall paint red floral design