Romantic bathroom – 25 sensual interior design ideas for you

romantic bathroom in baroque style

Romantic bathroom furnishing ideas

 Every season is suitable for a romantic bathroom with a sensual ambience, right? Summer and spring are usually felt as the seasons of love, but why should you underestimate the winter. Especially now, when it has become so uncomfortable outside, you can enjoy even more a cozy, warm bath with your partner.

Winter romance is not only in the mountains and not only in the snowy forest, but also in the heart of the lovers, no matter where they are.

Today we have put together 25 interior design ideas for a romantic bathroom. Some are very exotic and are more suited for the summer, but most of them can certainly be used in the cold season.

Because a romantic bathroom is timeless

romantic bathroom noble and symmetrical

Even if it sounds banal, red is the most popular sensual color. Red rose petals scattered on the floor and around the bathtub, and candles in different sizes and shapes are the classic tricks that put you on the safe side. Make sure you have enough foam in the tub. If desired, you can place some petals on it, for example in heart shape. It is best to let the candles be the only source of light in the bathroom. If you're not a big fan of red, choose those shades that will make you feel most comfortable - pink, purple or maybe blue.

Little effort, big impact

romantic bathroom freestanding oval bath

Gold, sparkling wine and red roses 

romantic bathroom golden claw foot tub

Romantic in Far Eastern style

bathroom in Balinese style

  Oriental in purple and magenta

romantic bathroom in oriental style

Fresh flowers, sparkling wine and floating candles are other elements that make up a romantic bathroom. You can also use flavorings in the form of scent sticks or oils. Please remember, however, if your partner also likes the same fragrances or if he / she has any intolerances or allergies.

Follow the interior design idea that suits you best and let yourself be inspired. And above all, feel what your heart desires!

Modern design can also look very romantic, do not you think?

romantic bathroom candles and petals on the floor

Unconventional and almost unrealistic

romantic bathroom artfully with glass tiles

Are you in the colonial style?

romantic bathroom with elevanten plastic

Sometimes only the sea view is sufficient

romantic bathroom with wood concealed

Lanterns, tealights and exotic flowers

romantic bathroom with sea view

Minimalist with indoor fireplace

romantic bathroom with modern fireplace

Natural stones and tall pillar candles - a touch of rustic nostalgia

romantic bathroom with natural stones

Wind lights and orchid petals can also be obtained in winter

romantic bath with wind lights

If you stand on orange and yellow

romantic bathroom orange candles

Indulge your love and yourself with a flavor bath

romantic bath rose petals and lemons

  Less is sometimes more

romantic bathroom cut flowers and candlesticks

Like a textbook for romance

romantic bathroom pair of swans

Classic and sensual in an instant

romantic bathroom floating candles and champagne

For purists who prefer neutral tones

romantic bathroom mirror walls

Romantic bath with Mediterranean flair

romantic bathroom pillar candles and tile art

A heavenly atmosphere in aquamarine

romantic bathroom turquoise mosaic tiles

Luxurious ambience in a modern vintage style

romantic bathroom white claw foot tub

Of course, it's also a good deal more traditional

romantic bathroom whirlpool with lighting

Feel the forces of the natural elements?

romantic bathroom whirlpool wind lights and candles

We hope you enjoy setting up and decorating! Designing a romantic bathroom is a pleasant task that is definitely worth it.