Modern washbasin – made by hand and environmentally friendly

 bathroom design ideas sink freestanding environmentally friendly


Modern sinks that are environmentally friendly at the same time


Let’s look boldly into the future, the modern sink to have. I see a mix of innovative design and eco-friendly facilities that create a greener tomorrow.

The wholesale industry is making much progress, saving many resources and costs.

The decoration companies contribute to environmental protection through the craftsmanship of the manufacturing process and the use of biodegradable components.

Today we look at a special line of sinks that symbolizes these benefits. It’s about the Native Stone line created by the designers at Native Tralis. If you would choose a work of this company at home, then you will also integrate there green goodness.

An elegant look thanks to environmentally friendly sinks

 Modern sink bathroom made by hand

Each of these pieces was created by a craftsman. You gain a lot in terms of both aesthetics and ergonomics. The whole thing was created from a very special blend of jute fibers and cement. It was specially created for this line of sinks. Their weight is about 40 percent lighter than that of others. The jute grows in the local community and therefore benefits as such from the process as well.

Below, we see a rectangular washbasin for the bathroom. It comes from the modern Trough series, which seem to combine minimalism and organic design. At the same time it shows a natural character. The smaller sinks are from the glamorous Mobtecito collection. Each of them creates elegance in every area where there is a sink. All these modern washbasins are made of ash (light, natural gray), slate gray and pearl (bright cremenuance, which looks almost white).

The traditional oval sink that was displayed here is called Cuyama. The great half-spherical ship-shaped model is called Morro. An intensive, multi-day process provides the creation of each washbasin and with a super modern Nanoversieglung one has achieved a perfect touch. The whole thing is great in the contemporary bathroom. You will discover an absolutely individual charm in every single example.

Contemporary design ideas for bathroom

bathroom design ideas washbasin freestanding

Eco-friendly sinks and decorating ideas in the bathroom

  bathroom design ideas sink vanity

double sink

  Modern sink bathroom design hand crafted white

Second variant for double sink

 Modern sink bathroom design hand crafted


modern sink bathroom design jute

Combination of ash wood and marble

modern washbasin ash wood marble

Eco-friendly washbasin made of ash wood

modern washbasin ash wood environmentally friendly

Stylish interior design ideas

modern washbasin ash wood environmentally friendly mirror

Free-standing washbasin

modern washbasins freestanding white deco ideas

 Washbasin made of wood

Modern sink oval shape vanity wood

Contemporary bathroom design

modern sink contemporary bathroom

Rectangular design

Montecito sink modern rectangular


Would such a model be something for you? Would the practical, environmental or other aspects be the most important?