Redesign the bathroom: bring color to the bathroom

Would you like to redesign your bathroom?


The bathroom can be an ideal place to experiment with different colors. There is such a wide variety of richly shaded tiles on the market!

Although a general rule is that you should rather use no conspicuous shades in small bathrooms. It is especially true if you also have no natural light in the bathroom. Nevertheless, you should not be too dogmatic about this rule. If you enjoy a nuance or colored wall design, the whole thing can seem great despite all the rules. The following examples clearly demonstrate this!

Bathroom design in fresh colors

bring a new color to the bathroom

Be inspired by the jungle!

Even if you have little natural light, you can brighten your mood with a great theme. Do you like the depictions of the rainforest? There are tile combinations that reflect this theme. Together with the flowing water and maybe the right aroma you will really put yourself in another reality.

Because in the bathroom, it's not just about hygiene, but also about relaxation!

For a harmonious appearance you can balance with blue, white and wood nuances.

Create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere

bathroom redesign wall design blue green

Shades that are full of energy

Do you have a white painted bathroom? Curtains and other elements, which are designed in bold nuances, you can charge this with energy and zest for life. To do this, choose pink, orange, and other such shades. Enhance the effect with a vase full of autumn flowers. Among other things, she will fill the room with great scents.

Use strong colors

bathroom redesign warm colors chevron pattern

Blue bathroom for a Mediterranean flair

The Mediterranean bathroom design is full of blue nuances. If you like this style, make the walls with blue and white patterns. Balance with white bathroom furniture and sanitary facilities. Go for the sculptural effect.

Select matching wallpapers

bathroom redesign bathroom wallpaper blue

Colored bathroom furniture

bathroom remodel badmobel blue

Glamor in shining nuances

The bold colors can brighten a bathroom if they have a radiant effect. Choose golden shades and red bathroom accessories. Combine with many glass and mirror surfaces.

A white floor, sink and toilet provide a balanced look in this case as well.

For a glamorous look, you do not necessarily have to paint all the walls in gold. It is sufficient if you carry out some accessories or functional elements in precious metal - this could be the lamps, the faucet or the fitting parts of the cabinets.

Magnificent bathroom

bathroom reshape wood furniture retro design

Floral pattern

Not only the tropical nature has a refreshing and invigorating effect in the bathroom. You can choose practically any natural pattern to make the space modern. For example, leaves or other floral ornaments could take on this role. They bring color and at the same time a feeling of cleanliness and freshness into the room.

Wall murals with a floral pattern for the bathroom

bad reshape accent wall flower pattern

Boho look

If you want to give the bathroom a more residential and slightly extravagant character, then choose the boho style. For this you can pair the black and white color palette with blue or another rich color. Large-sized figures, which also include neutral-colored tiles, ensure an artistic and complete appearance.

Dedicate the bathroom design a furnishing style

Bad reshape blue color design

Vintage bathroom ideas

In a very old bathroom, you can refresh the mood with some vintage decorating ideas. For example, you could put world maps or other similar applications on the walls.

What about a colorful carpet in the right style?

Vintage is still in

redesign bathroom set up small bathroom set up color

Shower curtain with a thematic pattern

bathroom restyling bathroom design ideas

Bathroom cabinet in bright green

bathroom redesigning bathroom design ideas with color

Retro accents through wallpaper

bathroom redesign bathroom wallpaper pattern flowers

Combine colored wall tiles with matching wallpapers

redesign bathroom tiles bright green

Yellow wall paint as a background for a small exhibition

bathroom redesign colored bathroom designbathroom redesign retro accents wall murals bathroom redesign turquoise wall paint window bathroom redesign wall paint yellow bathroom redesign wall paint green Bad redesign wall paint pink