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Christmas stars tinker templates kids decoration

Make 3 D poinsettias made easy

Do you want to start the Christmas decoration early with your children? Then here is our help in the form of fresh ideas and great tips! This is to help you with your Christmas preparations. Today we are dealing with the 3 D poinsettias!

  Such stars are much easier to make than many people think. But to be perfect, most people have to practice long enough.

So start now and see how good you can be by Christmas
Make beautiful poinsettias

Poinsettia yellow black crafting templates children

Here we have for you the techics and some nice pictures that can serve as inspiration. The good news we want to start with: Very black-looking poinsettias are actually pretty easy to make.

Tools and materials that you always need for making Christmas stars

Christmas stars tinker templates kids 3d vision

You have to have a stapler, a pair of scissors, adhesive ready. In some cases, if you need to hang the star somewhere, you'll need a tape. One must also be able to have square pieces of paper in the desired color.

Step 1 - make the appropriate cuts

Christmas stars make pink paper yourself

First, you have to make pips of the square pieces of paper. This is done by matching the opposite corners. Then do it again with the folded triangle. Now take the scissors to make deep cuts. These should be getting longer and longer from top to bottom. You have to keep the same distance. Already the first incision must be longer than half of the triangle.

After doing this, open the piece of paper.

Step 2 - tinker the star tips

poinsettia paper shine pattern make yourself

 Pull the tips together and fasten them. You could use different means. That could be glue or a stapler. Some have to be drawn inwards and others outwards. If you want to achieve really exciting and interesting results, consider pages with different nuances. Having done all this with the seven pieces, you have the seven star tips. These can then be brought together. Of course, this is also possible in a single color.

  Industrial mechanisms

Christmas stars tinker templates kids mechanisms

Create a 3D effect from paper

Christmas stars tinker templates kids paper addresses

Artificial pearls look elegant

Christmas stars tinker templates kids turquoise white

White piece of wood

Poinsettia crafting templates kids wood

Great knitwear

Christmas stars crafting templates kids knitting white

White and red intertwined

Christmas stars tinker templates kids knit pink

Authentic, red color

Christmas stars made of paper crafting templates children red

Origami poinsettias

Poinsettia paper crafting templates kids sheet

Quite simple but very cute

Christmas stars made of paper templates children's newspapers

Made of felt

Christmas stars tinker templates kids

Colorful and patterned paper

Christmas stars tinker templates kids 3d effect

Colorful, miniature stars

Make Christmas stars yourself templates kids blue felt

Apply old fabric

Christmas stars felt colorful crafting templates children happy

stained glass

Hanging poinsettias tinker templates kids colors

Metal and artificial pearls

Poinsettia stones shine crafting templates kids shapes beautiful

LEGO piece

Poinsettia crafting templates kids yellow lego

Brown knitwear

Christmas stars brown crafting templates kids knitted

Made of cardboard

Poinsettias golden crafting templates children shine cardboard

Hanging white paper stars

Christmas stars made of paper tinker templates children hanging decoration

Black silhouette

Poinsettia rope tape dabbing crafting templates kids hanging

Apply wood residues

Christmas stars ribbon crafting templates kids wood pieces

Patterned porcelain

Poinsettia porcelain crafting templates kids ceramic shapes

Christmas wreath of wire and paper stars

Poinsettia round shape crafting templates kids wreath

Christmas star made of fir trees

crafting templates children art poinsettias christmas tree

Beads and wire completed with lights

Poinsettia beads crafting templates kids lights chain

Musical note

tinker templates poinsettias massively original

Glazed and colorful

orange red glass poinsettias crafting templates kids metal

Felt and paper

templates poinsettia crafting children musical

Great, sweet Hängestern

hanging deco poinsettias crafting templates kids notes music

Rolled, colorful paper

   Poinsettias make their own children's paper

Cleverly made paper star

origami art poinsettia crafting templates kids paper hanging

Geometric pattern

details crafts templates kids poinsettia paper pattern

Like snowdrops

Make Christmas stars yourself templates kids pearls red

Red ribbon

Make Christmas stars yourself templates children red ribbon

Make snowdrops yourself

ingredients christmas stars tinker templates snowdrops

Lace and felt

Christmas stars decoration crafts templates children's writings

Wrap with rope

Poinsettia shape wood crafting templates kids rope wrap

Sprinkled with silver

Christmas stars tinker templates kids lace

Soft, roundish DIY design

Christmas stars patchwork crafts templates kids fabric buttons noel

The three symbolic colors

Make Christmas stars yourself templates children cute cute

Poinsettia made of wire

Poinsettia wire crafting templates kids fir-tree

Different patterns combined

Christmas stars tinker templates kids soft brown

White pieces with turquoise volumes
   Cute poinsettia cute christmas stars white kids turquoise

Vintage beauty

Poinsettia stripe pattern crafting templates kids winter

Gray, knitted stars

Christmas stars knitwear felt yourself making templates children

Poinsettia from branches  Poinsettia simple hanging crafting templates kids branches woodStars from wood residues

Poinsettia wooden pieces crafting templates kids

Embellished with foliage

Poinsettia forest wood crafting templates kids green

Brown fabrics

Poinsettia felt fabric itself crafting brown brown

Star of Christmas cards

Poinsettia deco idea crafts templates kids paper

Colorful, cute beads

Christmas stars make tinker templates children colorful happy

Like a loop wrapped

flower poinsettias self crafting templates children shine blue

Light and dark shades of blue

Christmas stars green tinker templates kids glass blue

Vintage decoration in front of the fireplace

Poinsettia wooden branch self crafting templates kids hanging

Small and big buttons

Poinsettia diy idea yourself making templates kids buttons

Bunch of hanging poinsettias made of paper

Poinsettia hanging paper crafting templates kids paper colorful

Giant star on the wall

Poinsettias wood plates self crafting templates kids paper art

Stylish star

Make Christmas stars yourself templates kids fir-tree

Wanddeko  for Christmas

wanddeko weihnachtssterne selbst tinker templates children

Another project made of branches

tinker templates christmas stars kids branches

Great, red, dotted and striped stars

felt pattern stripes poinsettias dabble crafting templates children