Christmas table decoration homemade: 55 festive table decoration ideas

Christmas table decoration homemade table decoration ideas

Beautiful table decoration for Christmas 


The traditional table decoration for Christmas is pretty simple. You need some candles and beautiful Christmas balls for this. With these accessories you decorate the table in your own way. Furthermore, the traditional decoration of the beautiful Christmas and Advent wreaths from coniferous branches

Christmas table decoration ideas

simple table decoration Christmas red Christmas balls cinnamon

Are you already in Christmas mood?

simple table decoration Christmas red candles

Let yourself be inspired by the following Christmas decoration ideas ...

simple table top Christmas tablecloth fabric napkins red

Such a Christmas table decoration looks beautiful and does not cost much time. But if you have a little more time, you can make much more beautiful jewelry with a little more effort.

How to create a festive Christmas atmosphere in your home 

festive table decoration Christmas white red accents

Table decoration in traditional Christmas colors red and white

Christmas table decoration ideas in red white tablecloth runner

It's already Christmas!

Christmas table decoration ideas in red candles napkins

Multiple layers

You can create decoration of several layers. Take a white blanket for the Christmas table. Put one more on it. Make sure the second tablecloth is semi-translucent. It should be in white, silver or gold.

The other details would have to correspond to one of the two layers or form a nice contrast to it.

Combine white tablecloth with red table runner

Christmas table decoration ideas festive table decoration red table runner


Christmas without a flickering candle light? This is not possible! The candles are an important part of the symbolism of the festival. They are still very suitable as a Christmas decoration. We find lately different forms of candles. You could enchant with simple elegance. Some show special delicate forms.

Original Christmas decoration ideas 

Christmas table decoration made of paper tinker red candlestick

If you opt for neutral tablecloths, the candles would determine the character of your Christmas table decoration. You also have another option: The candles could correspond with the color or the ornaments of the tablecloth.

Pinecone candles and chic candlesticks

Christmas table decoration ideas with candles

You can also make candlesticks made of natural materials yourself

Christmas table decoration ideas candles walnuts branches natural decoration

Stylistic integration in the room

We always have numerous objects for the Christmas table decoration. So you have no excuse if they do not correspond to the style of your room. You can usually achieve stylistic agreement in two ways. Either you let the table decoration correspond with the color and the fabrics in the room or you opt for patterns that correspond with each other.

Noticeable harmony

traditional table decoration Christmas Christmas tree

Santa hat also for the champagne glasses 

festive table decoration Christmas shiny effects fairy lights champagne glasses

Fashion accent

The Christmas table decoration can include the latest fashion trends. That goes through the integration of a specific color palette. This season, minimalism in silver, white and other metallic nuances is especially hip.

Modern Christmas trees decorate the table

Christmas table decoration ideas in cute pastel deco fir trees

Traditional table decoration for Christmas - cute Santa Claus

festive table decoration Christmas red cups candles

Decorate differently - Christmas cookies as a table decoration

Christmas table decoration ideas Christmas cookies Christmas tree

You can also make napkin rings yourself

Christmas table decoration ideas make red berries napkin rings by yourself

Fold red napkins and create a Christmas tree

Christmas table decoration ideas red napkins folding Santa Claus tinkering

Do you have a festive crockery set in red?

Christmas table decoration ideas red utensils

Christmas balls in gold and red

Christmas table decoration ideas Christmas balls red bow

Use funny accents with candy canes

Christmas table decoration ideas Napkins Christmas decorating candy cane


Christmas table decoration ideas candy canes red Santa Claus hats

Decorate for Christmas - it works with natural materials as well

Christmas table decoration ideas red accents red berries green branches

Decorate red tealights festive for Christmas

simple table decoration for christmas red white candles napkins

Advent wreath in the center of the table

festive table decoration Christmas advent wreath white cloth napkins red bows

Christmas presents are also part of the festive table decoration

festive table decoration Christmas cup with christmas balls

Scroll down for more beautiful table decoration ideas for Christmas

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