Christmas crafts – 23 great home decorating ideas

Christmas crafting felt dolls cylindrical and colorful

Christmas baubles are fun for children and adults

Are you already in the mood for Christmas crafts? Here you will find 23 original and great craft ideas that are especially suitable for children. They only need a few materials and certainly already have most of them at home. Colorful cardboard, paper cups, buttons and even delicious candies are very cleverly used here.

The Christmas creations will not only bring you and your children much pleasure, but they will also be suitable gifts for friends, teachers and grandparents.

The creative projects are not only beautiful, but also very eco-friendly, because most of them are made from used items like paper cups, for example. Mason jars and cookie cutters are also used for Christmas crafts and the collected cocktail umbrellas and the old Christmas tree balls awake to new life as fabulous door wreaths.

Onion-shaped pendants made of colored cardboard

Christmas crafts original retro ornaments

These beautiful Christmas pendants in retro look are suitable not only as Christmas tree decorations, but also as a wall or table decoration. Simply easy.

How about an original gift for grandma and grandpa?

christmas baubeln creative christmas tree balls with handprints

Her colored hand prints on a monochrome bauble with a bit of creativity look like little, funny snowmen. Since the grandparents will be particularly happy.

Fancy something sweet?

Christmas crafts with colorful sugared gummy sweets

Try it with a door wreath of gumdrops! With hot glue and a foam ring you will quickly create such a delicious decoration. To round off, sprinkle the candies with a matte varnish and sprinkle immediately with sugar for a sparkling effect.

You can do wonders with paper doilies and fairy lights

Christmas crafts deco wreath with lace

Three-dimensional Christmas cards made of wrapping paper

Christmas crafts greeting card with patterned tree balls

From buttons you can even make little Christmas trees

christmas tinker pendant christbaum aus köpfen

Mix children's dough with glitter powder and place in preserving jars, then cover with a thin napkin of your choice. The screw caps can be in silver or another color.

A fun and stylish Christmas present for the little ones

christmas crafts mason jars full colorful kneading

The Christmas tree balls from last year with a bit of wire and a gift bow to a dreamlike door wreath

christmas baubeln unique door wreath made of shiny baubles

The candy canes become funny reindeer in just a few minutes

christmas tinker funny reindeer from candy canes

You can also sew colorful paper strips easily

create christmas baubeln with colored paper figures

A simple wooden ring with clothespins can be the perfect greeting card storage

Christmas crafts round wooden wall rack for the greeting cards

The old cookie cutters you can easily transform with wire and a large loop in door wreath

christmas tinkling turquoise wreath from cookie cutter

You need children's photos, rubbed candle wax and glycerin

christmas tinkering snowy mason jars with children's photos

The simple fairy lights are made very special with paper cups and wrapping paper

Christmas crafts fairy lights made of paper cups

Wall decoration made easy - from cardboard or plastic cups

Christmas tinker wreath from paper cups

The little ones will appreciate such a Christmas tree source

Christmas crafts flat felt Christmas tree on the brick wall

Think of the party and vacation time?

christmas tinkling cocktail umbrella wreath

With these funny masks your children can be photographed

make christmas tinker funny masks for a photo

Even the pictures on the wall can be wrapped with wrapping paper and made part of the decoration

Christmas crafts festive gifts dresser

It can hardly be more creative, right? Well then, have fun with Christmas crafts with your kids!