Christmas tree top ideas for your atmospheric Christmas tree

tree-top tree pendant made of wood and fabric

Christmas tree top ideas for your atmospheric Christmas tree

 Yes, it is already time for beautiful Christmas trees and why not with a beautiful Christmas tree top? If you've already rummaged through all the old boxes and bags full of Christmas decorations, you'll probably know that they've gotten a bit old-fashioned.

Do not worry! We help you with these great Christmas tree decoration ideas!

Here you will find some variants for Christmas tree top in a modern, traditional or rustic style. Each of you can decide for yourself what your Christmas tree will look like this year.

This Supernova Christmas tree top made of velvety paper fits perfectly with all kinds of handmade Christmas decorations.

An original origami star in bright red

Christmas tree top red supernova star

From natural materials and crystals - just fantastic

Christmas tree top with moss and crystals

A sweet red goblet on the sharpener of your Christmas tree

christmas tree top rotkelchen felt star

Create an elegant snow crystal of thin twigs and glitter

christmas tree lace silvery snow crystal

This minimalist star will be in tune with any modern interior

Christmas tree top mirror glitter star

Elegant, simple and rustic

christbaum lace star scheekristall aus naturzweigen

Glitter and glamor with Herrnhuter Stern

Christmas tree glitter star

Reindeer from sisal for the purists

Christmas tree reindeer head made of sisal

Peace all over the world - Christmas wishes can come true

Christmas tree greenpeace silver

Traditional Christmas tree top made of glass with owls

Christmas tree lace owls stacked out of glass

Golden porcelain angel radiates peace and security

Christmas tree top porcelain angel

Minimalist in red and white

Christmas tree star in red and white

For passionate Paris fans 

Christmas tree top Eiffel tower with lights chain

Nice braided star made of rattan

Christmas tree lace braided star made of rattan

Shiny and elegant - the Channukah star

christbaum lace chanukkah star silver

Unconventional and sparkling with a bow

Christmas tree top silver sequin sweep

Felt Christmas figures - your kids will love them

Christmas tree top snowmen

It is coming soon! Prepare now for your merry Christmas and decorate your Christmas tree with a beautiful Christmas tree top!