Tinker Christmas tree decorations and decorate the Christmas tree original

making christmas decorations decorating christmas tree ornaments

Christmas Tree Decorations Crafting made easy


One thing is for sure - the Christmas season is already here! Everywhere is festively decorated and decorated for Christmas. Of course, the Christmas spirit infected us as well. After a cold but pleasant hour outside at the Christmas market, we decided to spend the late afternoon at home by the fireplace and decorate the Christmas tree.

But with what? The old tree balls are either broken or too boring and out of fashion. So we came up with the idea, ours Christmas tree ornaments to tinker yourself.

Decorate the Christmas tree - that should be really fun

tastelt christmas christmas tree decorations

And what about your Christmas balls? Do you fancy some interesting crafting ideas for Christmas? That's what we thought and that's why we have put together the following picture gallery for you. Of course you will also find useful tips and inspirational ideas. These Christmas crafts will definitely bring extra festive mood to your home. What are you waiting for? Scroll down and find your favorite crafting idea under the following suggestions.

Christmas deer felt with fabric tags

crafting christmas advent wreath crafting felt deer

Crafting ideas for Christmas felt

The cutest Christmas crafts are made of felt. That is a fact. Take a look at the felt works presented below. All are so cute and colorful and convey 100% the happy Christmas spirit. What makes working with felt so popular is the ease with which this material is processed. It is perfect for crafting with children or beginners and is available in every craft store in numerous shades.

Christmas tree decorations made of felt

christmas tree decorations tinker with felt diy ideas christmas deer

How can you make such felt ornaments?

First you need to cut out a paper template in the shape of the desired figure. Then cut the fabric twice and sew by hand. Of course you should also fill your figure with cotton wool at the same time. So far so good. Now is the time to decorate your Christmas tree ornaments. Here you can let your imagination run wild. Use old buttons, gemstones, felt in a different color and choose matching fabric tags.

Red button as a nose

making Christmas tree decorations with felt Christmas deer

 Pretty much everything can be made out of felt

making christmas tree decorations with felt diy ideas

Tinker Christmas tree decorations - ideas

making Christmas tree decorations with felt christmas balls yourself

 Cute owls

Christmas tree decorate Christmas balls themselves make felt owls

Flat Little Birds - If you do not have cotton wool then you will not necessarily be able to fill your Christmas ornaments

making christmas tree decorations with felt birds

Christmas tree ornaments made of colored felt

christmas craft ideas craft ideas for christmas felt

Make a 3D figure

Christmas crafting ideas for Christmas made of felt Christmas tree jewelry

Make decorative snowflake out of felt

Christmas crafting ideas for Christmas felt felt star

Enjoy your pet too!

christmas tree decorations tinker with felt diy ideas pets

The red bow should not be missing

making christmas tree decorations with felt

 Owls in the Christmas colors

christmas tree decorations make christmas balls themselves felt owls

Sewing fabric hearts - this is how it is done

Christmas tree decorations make Christmas balls themselves felt hearts sew

Decorate your houseplants! Here hangs a felt-tree on the aloe vera

christmas tree decorations christmas balls make yourself felt-teapotCraft ideas for Christmas made of natural materials

You can use pine cones, acorns, walnuts, peanut shells, evergreen branches and all sorts of everyday objects. Look at the examples below.

Acorn caps and white felt ball go well together and will decorate your Christmas tree

crafting christmas advent christmas decorations acorn felt cotton wool

Tinker Christmas tree decorations - walnuts dyed in gold

Christmas crafts deco ideas walnuts gold

 Males of peanut shells 

christmas tree decorations christmas balls make themselves peanut shells

Pine cones with a bow - simple and super natural

christmas tree decorations christmas balls make pine cones

The Christmas decorations made of pine cones are particularly successful

tinker pinecone coloring

With colorful felt beads on it

christmas tree ornaments crafting pine cones coloring felt balls

Colored pine cones as a Christmas tree decoration

christmas tree decorations pine cones color craft ideas

Lubricate the tips with some glue and dip the pine cones in salt or sugar

christmas tree decorations pine cones salt make christmas balls yourself

 Make a small wreath of acorns

christmas tree ideas ideas acorn

 The following materials are necessary

christmas tree decorations ideas acorn wreath

And that is how it is done

christmas decoration christmas tree decoration ideas acorn wreath

The result

Christmas decorations ideas Christmas tree

Here is a craft idea for all beer drinkers

crafting ideas christmas christmas tree ornaments ideas beer cover

Homemade snowflake made of branches and decorated with string and red buttons

Christmas treats Christmas ornaments ornament

Craft ideas for Christmas with old tree balls

Do not throw away the old Christmas balls. This can create great DIY ideas.

For a snowman you need two white tree balls and matching decoration

crafting christmas christmas balls making snowman

New color for old Christmas tree balls

christmas bauble ideas christmas decorations

Fill the transparent glass tree balls with leaves, twigs and etc.

christmas crafts tinker transparent balls

Craft ideas for Christmas with colored paper 

Cut different figures from colored paper. So you can even create 3D ornaments. An example of this can be found below.

Decorate with matching pearls and decorate the Christmas tree

crafting ideas christmas xmas tree ornaments balls asterisksCraft ideas for Christmas with polymer clay

Already worked with polymer clay? If you already have some experience in this area, you can make great "Christmas balls" yourself.

Heart of polymer clay

Christmas treats Christmas tree ornaments ideas

Other craft ideas for Christmas

Christmas tree decorations made of scrabble letters

craft ideas for christmas christmas tree decorations

 Craft ideas from everyday objects

Christmas crafts with children decorate snowman Christmas tree

Painting on wood

tinker deco ideas christmas tree ornaments

Make garlands and Christmas balls yourself - ideas from the DIY blogs

christmas tree decorations pine cones make christmas balls by yourself

Spend great holidays with your family and do not miss the opportunity to tinker with your children.