Make an elf: easy instructions and original ideas for last-minute Christmas decorations

Yes, they may not be as famous as Santa Claus or his Rudolf, but they look very funny and magical and are popular with everyone - the gnomes. Not only as a Christmas decoration, they always make a good figure, but also as an autumn decoration or as a typical garden decoration in the role of garden gnomes. And the best part is: Making an elf is very easy and is great fun for all ages.

You have probably conjured up your festive Christmas decorations and are therefore completely satisfied, but if not or if you still need a supplement, we have some great inspirations ready for you. Based on the two simple instructions below, you can easily make cute gnomes and use them as last-minute Christmas decorations. Of course, this also works as a craft with children. The little ones can help a lot and enjoy themselves. Gnats are usually popular with most kids, both girls and boys.

Fabric Wichtel tinker as a Christmas decoration

make four things out of fabric and wool

Let's start with these cute dudes first. How can you tinker quickly and inexpensively? You need very few materials and a minimum of time. No worries! They do not necessarily have to be experienced hobbyists. A bit of craftsmanship and a pinch of patience are enough for that.

Make this sweet gnome for Christmas

paper felt wool imp making crafts

The required materials:

  • Faux fur and craft felt
  • foam cone
  • Fabric in any color and patterns
  • wooden ball
  • metal wire
  • Glue and scissors

Make pixies in 5 steps:

Cut the fabric of any pattern into an appropriate size and use the glue to wrap the foam cone around it.

Step 1

fabric bag cylinder weight base

Insert the metal wire into the foam cone on top and fasten. Later, the wire will give a nice shape of the elf hat.

step 2

use wire in the imp of crafts with fabric

Cut out a fuzzy beard from the faux fur and attach it to the cone with the glue.

step 3

Knitting made of cardboard and felt

From the craft felt tinker the actual cap and attach it to the upper part of the cone and fix it with the glue. After that, all that remains is to conjure the wooden ball for nose and small eyes made of buttons or fabric on it. Finished!

Step 4

tinker with handicraft and carton

You can also make such a gnome as a doorstop by integrating a bag of sand or another heavy object into its base. The crafting principle is otherwise the same.

Cute gnome with red felt cap as a doorstop

tinker mittens tinker with fabric

You determine the size of the cap yourself

tinker fussel tasteln

 And that's the way it goes ...

tinker funny imp

You need the following materials:

Knitting made of felt and cardboard materials

You can frame the felt caps with a white thread in this way

craft ideas diy impel tinker felt

After that you only have to glue the cone to the felt

felt crafting ideas for imp tinking

Using the hot glue gun, attach the wooden nose

hot glue gun wooden bead imp tinker

The sweet gnomes can also be embellished with felt elements and little bells

  felt imp tinking ideas for christmas decoration

And so you make cuddly soft gnomes out of old socks:

Not only socks, but also hats and other clothes are perfectly suited to the Wichtel crafts

instruction for impel tinker at christmas

tinker old hat and cotton for the pot

Instead of imitation fur, you can also use thicker yarn or a longer woolen cord. As a basis are tree slices in different sizes. Small pompoms of cotton in white and red complete the whole.

Wichtels make felt and yarn

yarn felt imp tinkering ideas

Make a gnome in the Scandinavian style

tinker felt and fabric for christmas

Embroider tiny snowflakes on the felt cap

sewing tents made of felt fabric

Lovingly crafted in gray and red

tinker instructions with felt sewing

Empty bottles fit perfectly here

glass bottles felt imp tinker to christmas

Make a relaxed gnome-pixie as autumn decoration

made of felt and cotton as autumn decoration

  Wichtel girls can also be conjured from fabric and felt in no time

making things with children from fabric to christmas

A cute elves pair of felt and imitation fur

Impy DIY crafts ideas with fabric for Christmas

felt imp making DIY ideas for Christmas

Crafted gnomes also look good as a draft stopper

Christmas decoration itself make tinker

Or something bigger and as a doorstop?

felt weight basten as a doorstop

In addition to the materials already mentioned, you can also use quite a few other things to your liking at the Wichtel handicrafts. Such are, for example, pine cones and small wooden blocks. These are perfect as a body or base for the little males and usually cost nothing. So, you can make beautiful gnomes as decoration or doorstop.

Original gnome on wooden blocks in a rustic style

pieces of wood impels tinker with felt and cotton wool

Make simple gnomes out of cones

tapping imps tinker with wood and felt

In a mini version, gnomes become pretty Christmas jewels

Christmas tree ornaments Wichtel made of felt

Tinker with children for Christmas

diy imp tinker made of wooden sticks and felt

Take a look at our whole picture gallery and be inspired for the funny gnome crafts. You may also soon discover newer craft materials or used items that will give your creations a unique, personal look.

Have fun and a good luck!

Old, colorful socks become hats

colorful imp tinker as christmas decoration

And that's how you make Wichtel at the Waldorf School

tinker with wood and felt

cute imp tinker with felt and wood

Crocheted it works great too

Crochet imp to make a Christmas decoration

Or attach little gnomes to wooden kebab skewers

Christmas decorations made of felt and cotton wool

Even fairytale and cuddly softer

Felt wadding imp tinkering as a Christmas decoration

making little things out of fabric and cotton

made of felt and cotton

  christmas decoration diy ideas for imp making crafts

Snow and Santa Claus also fast to tinker

Knitting made of felt and cotton

 Make a cool Filzwichtel as a Christmas decoration itself ...

tinker with felt

... or two?

Two funny imps made of cotton and felt

   Make original Christmas tree ornaments Wichtel

tinker with cones as ornaments