Christmas decoration ideas – fancy ideas for your feast

christmas decoration ideas snow crystals pillow christmas tree

Christmas decoration ideas that are easy to implement

Surely you have already seen many Christmas decoration ideas and also implemented yourself. Then again and again the question comes: What could be done differently this year? How can you make beautiful Christmas decorations yourself with less effort and create a great festive atmosphere?

If you ask yourself these questions, you are in good hands, because today we have some simple and stylish ideas ready for you.

It is about a few simple ideas that you can imitate at home. You will need Christmas balls, colorful fabrics, cinnamon sticks, cones, green fir tree branches, artificial snow and cookies. Of course, our suggestions here are just examples that you can implement quite differently. The choice of materials is entirely up to you. Feel absolutely free and try something new.

Nevertheless, this collection of ideas is all about simplicity and sophistication. With natural materials and sparingly used artificial items, the Christmas decoration ideas are very discreet and still do not go unnoticed. They are very easy and easy to copy. Dare! Obtain the necessary materials that you need for the specific example and with a little skill and patience you will achieve the desired result.

Table decoration with apple, cinnamon sticks and hazelnuts

christmas decoration ideas apple star

Decorate the cutlery with Christmas socks

christmas decoration ideas cutlery table decoration

The fairy lights in this example almost look like fires

Christmas decoration ideas tin buckets branches cones

Oversized gifts at the entrance

christmas decoration ideas bushes wrapped

Puristic and elegant at the same time

christmas decoration ideas diy christmas decoration white candles

Colorful fabrics and tiny Christmas trees made of cones

christmas decoration ideas diy christmas tree cones

The banisters look very festive in this way

christmas decoration ideas railing deco

White lace, artificial snow and cones - your lanterns are ready for Christmas

christmas decoration ideas glasses lace artificial snow cones

A large glass with a lid full of colorful Christmas balls and cones

christmas decoration ideas glass container christmas balls cones

Quite simple and perfect with cake stand and red berries or rosehips

christmas decoration ideas advent wreath rosehips

You can also fill up a lantern with Christmas decorations just as well

christmas decoration ideas red lantern christmas balls

Table decoration with holly, lanterns and artificial grass

Christmas decoration ideas rustic wind lights

Stunning with red roses

christmas decoration ideas holly red roses

In the napkins you can just put a small fir-tree branch with red berries and a candy cane in it

christmas decoration ideas table decoration decent candy cane

Make small Christmas trees from gingerbread or Christmas cookies

christmas decoration ideas table decoration christmas trees gingerbread

The same goes for long cones and shiny stars

Christmas decoration ideas table decoration cone stars

A sugar-sweet door wreath in red and white

christmas decoration ideas turquoise candy sweets

Wall decal: Red Christmas tree with star

christmas decoration ideas wall decal christmas tree red

With the matching metal construction and beautiful fabrics, you can tinker wonderful Christmas trees

christmas decoration ideas christmas trees make fabric yourself

Christmas tree at the door

christmas decoration ideas christmas tree door christmas balls

Christmas socks, cones and red amaryllis

christmas decoration ideas christmas decoration gifts fireplace

Christmas decoration with balls and Christmas hats

christmas decoration ideas christmas hats gifts

Jute and cones - simple perfection

christmas decoration ideas cones rough fabric

Cones can also be placed in a large bowl and arranged with a lantern

christmas decoration ideas cones orange candle

An ultimate sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas decoration idea

Christmas decoration ideas recycled