Making Herrnhuter Stern yourself: Christmas anticipation with a long tradition

The Herrnhut star is the symbol of Christmas. He stands for the Star of Bethlehem, who led the wise men to the crib with the newborn Jesus. And did you know that the largest Moravian Star with 110 points hangs in the church hall of the Moravian Church in Herrnhut, Saxony? Through the missionary activity of the Free Church, the Herrnhut star has spread over time in the whole world. And so you sell it today to Jerusalem.

How can you actually make a Herrnhut star yourself? The guidance of that time has hardly changed. An ordinary star has 25 pips that are put together with metal clips. Basically, the compilation of a star of Herrnhut is quite simple and even for very inexperienced hobbyists no problem at all. Because the individual parts are prefabricated together with the necessary additional materials by the Herrnhuter Stern manufactory and offered to the customer in a craft kit.

Make a magnificent Herrnhut star yourself

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Making Herrnhuter Stern yourself is easy

A true Moravian hat is patented and packed, with detailed instructions, to your home or waiting for you at the Christmas market. After the purchase, everyone should make their own star of Herrnhut or just together with the family. Namely, a Herrnhutian star is called, from beginning to end - handmade!

When you put together such a star for the first time, you need about 40 minutes on average. Read the construction manual in peace and follow it step by step, slowly - with love and patience. The stars are usually made of paper or plastic and are constructed with so-called mounting brackets. You can choose different sizes and colors, depending on your own taste and personal needs.

A classic Herrnhut star in white and red

original colors herrnhuter star tinker yourself

The original colors of Moravia are principally white and red. White for the innocence of Christ and red for his spilled blood on the cross. The glorious star is very often seen only monochrome, most often in yellow or red. It shines so beautifully on windows and canopies from the first Advent. Simply heavenly!

Here is a simple guide to a Herrnhut paper star for interiors:

A glowing Herrnhut star gives security and peace, contemplation and Christmas anticipation. But not only this star beautifies homes, gardens, churches and streets during the Advent season. Even the glorious Fröbel, Hartensteiner, Bascetta stars and a lot of Moravian inspirations delight us already in the Advent season and give us a unique festive mood and contemplative moments.

Luminous poinsettias galore

christmas market herrnhuter star self-tinkering instructions

The Herrnhut stars are also available as fairy-tale fairy lights

herrnhuter star tinker yourself as a light string

Introduce even more pre-Christmas magic and contemplation into your own four walls by making a Star of Herrnhut yourself or even two or three ...

Give your whole family unforgettable moments and celebrate together!

Round off your Christmas tree with a big Moravian star!

christmas tree decoration herrnhuter star tinker yourself

Find your own personal Herrnhuter Stern

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The traditional stars in red and white as a fairy lights

herrnhuter star tinker christmas tree decorations red white

Fabulous Sternstunden at the Christmas market

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Small Herrnhuter stars are even suitable as a Christmas table decoration

herrnhuter star decorating christmas wreath yourself

The classic among the poinsettias

Herrnhuter star tinker yourself

Simple construction way of the items

plastic herrnhuter star yourself crafting instructions

So nothing stands in the way of your atmospheric Christmas decoration  

glowing herrnhuter star yourself tinker with led lamps

Beautiful Bascetta stars in yellow and red

modern master star himself making paper

And even more Christmas stars made of paper inspired by the Herrnhut star

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