Make Christmas decorations – easy ideas for tree pendants

christmas decoration tinker paper tree in green

Make Christmas decorations – beautiful tree pendants for all ages

Do you feel like doing crafts? Would you like to spend more time with your children during the Christmas preparations? Here are some craft ideas for your Christmas decoration. Balance yourself with the stress of Christmas and make your Christmas tree decorations at home.

You need paper, foam, old Christmas balls and glitter.

Above you can already see our first suggestion – Tree pendant in the form of a fir tree. You need wrapping paper, tape, green wire and craftwork. Your kids will just love it.

Do you already know salt dough tinkering?

Christmas decorations make filigree snowflakes red decorated

If not, then this is the right time to get to know the salt dough. It’s an amazing crafting idea that is fun and easy to implement. From the salt dough, you can create beautiful snow crystals or other tree decorations and then paint them colorful.

The salt dough is made in the following way: mix a cup of flour, a cup of water and a half cup of salt and knead until it becomes homogeneous and sticky. Then roll out the dough into a thin layer and cut out snow crystals or other suitable figures with the Cookie Cutter. Do not forget to drill small holes in the figures. For 2 cm thick piece of dough you need 4 hours of baking time.

Even the cookie mold is suitable as a tree decoration

Christmas decorations make glittering cookie cutters

Children can paint the cookie cutter in color and sprinkle with glitter. Besides snow white, you can use your favorite colors and tie the tree tags to the Christmas tree with colorful ribbons.

Give the Christmas balls a personal character

Christmas decoration, tinker striped ball with names

Kids enjoy drawing and painting, especially when it comes to their own names. Bring different, shiny colors and letter stickers out of the craft store and leave the rest to your kids. You’ll wonder what creative ideas your little ones have.

Windmills are not just for the summer

Christmas decoration make windwheel in red and checkered

This beautiful star below can be made of foam or cardboard. From two nested parts this tree trailer gets a 3D effect. You can paint the pieces in different colors or use glittering pencils.

A shimmering garland of the same color is a great addition

Christmas decoration make two parts star in purple

Do you have old Christmas balls left?

christmas decoration tinker red ball shimmering

Then put glue on it and sprinkle it with glitter or glue little glitter beads on it. The balls will look like new and will thank you with a festive look.

Let the imagination run wild and teach your children how to make their own Christmas decorations with the help of these creative ideas. We wish you a lot of fun and joy.

Delicious looking spiral tree tag made of wrapping paper

christmas decorations make folded ribbons

Do you like to work with felt?

christmas decoration crafted felt snowflake in door and red

Glitter words for peace, love and happiness

christmas decoration tinker tree pendant handblown glass

Candy cane made of sweets – delicious and chic

Christmas decorations make candy cane ornaments

Colorful 3D stickers give an old tree ball a whole new Christmas look

christmas decoration tinker ball with little colorful snowflakes

Craft idea from Sweden

Christmas decoration made of light wood

Christmas music to watch

christmas decoration craft ball wrapped in a printed score

An elegant Christmas present

Christmas decorations make transparent balls with evergreen

Wrapping paper with Christmas motives and a handful of red buttons

Christmas decoration made from folded paper and buttons

Spice up the old Christmas balls with metallic colored pencil

christmas decorations make balls navy blue with stars

Old crafting technique for paper – ruffle

Christmas decoration filigree fir-tree made of paper

Same technique – different shape: candy cane in red and white

christmas decoration make candy cane from paper and fabric in red and white

You can either stick the candies together or lightly heat them

Christmas decoration made from colorful candies

Grass green tree wreath with bells and red bow

Christmas decoration tinker paper wreath with red ribbon and beads