Tannenbaum tinker: 30 creative DIY ideas for Christmas crafts

Christmas tinkering Christmas tree DIY DIY projects

Make your own Christmas tree 


Have you already decorated your apartment for Christmas? We would like to help you with some tips for an original Christmas decoration ...

Of course, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree is part of the traditional Christmas decoration.

Without an evergreen tree in the middle of the living room Christmas would be unthinkable, right? That was yesterday. Today the tradition is different. If you want to keep up with the times, then you should proceed imaginatively.

How about a homemade Christmas tree? There are many ways to get one Tinker Christmas tree can. Below, we have listed some of them, and we would like to show you that the Christmas decorations can look very different and still carry the festive Christmas spirit in itself.

So we celebrate Christmas today ...

Make your original Christmas tree - that's how it's done
Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft wooden Christmas tree

Christmas crafting ideas

The Christmas crafting ideas represent the traditional Christmas symbols, but in a modern way. The evergreen Christmas tree has been given many new forms, sometimes made of wood, sometimes of paper, of books, egg cartons, plastic gloves or simply painted on the wall ...

a Tinker Christmas tree, actually turns out to be a very creative task and we want to set no limits. Let yourself be inspired by the following examples and then create an individual Christmas tree from any materials you have at your home.

Christmas crafts

Christmas baubeln tinker Christmas tree

Making Christmas decorations made easy

Christmas tinker Christmas tree make your own craft ideas

A traditional style Christmas tree is naturally green and so can your alternative fir tree. Stack green objects on top of each other to build a half pyramid. Then all you need is a mirror and you also have the other half of your DIY Christmas tree.

Such a modern Christmas tree does not need additional jewelery such as garlands and Christmas balls.

Creative craft ideas and inspiring examples

Christmas crafts fir tree craft Christmas tree mirror

Minimalist is the next example. Define the contours of the fir-tree with Washi Tape and frame your artwork. Pine cones and fairy lights serve as a chic decoration.

2D fir tree as a wall decoration

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree wall decoration ideas

An edible Christmas tree you can also "tinker", or more specifically, bake or cook. Do you want to be creative in the kitchen?

Edible Christmas decoration

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make Christmas tree from green noodles

A tree trunk can also turn into a creative Christmas tree. Decorative pillows in star shape and in different sizes are the materials for a homemade Christmas tree.

Decorative pillow on a tree trunk 

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree green decorative pillow

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, then you can also build a wooden Christmas tree yourself. This Christmas decoration idea fits perfectly with a rustic home decor.

Christmas tree of wood

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree wood tealights

Paint the Christmas tree silhouette in green on a wooden pallet and decorate it with the usual Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas craft ideas with Euro pallets

Christmas crafts Tannenbaum craft Christmas tree from wooden pallets

You can realize the same idea directly on the wall.

Paint fir tree on the wall and decorate it

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree paint wall decoration

For more DIY ideas on how to make a creative fir tree, see below. Let your imagination play and use any materials.

We wish you all the best and a happy holiday!

Christmas crafts with paper

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree paper white

Christmas DIY projects from everyday objects

Christmas crafts fir-tree teabag

Books and book pages

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make paper Christmas tree

Make rustic Christmas decorations

Christmas baubeln tinker christmas tree by yourself decorate wall

In the traditional Christmas colors

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make books

Simply stack books and decorate them with fairy lights

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree Books stack

Shape cardboard boxes as a fir tree

Christmas baubeln Tannenbaum tinker Christmas tree made of cardboard

Dress the tailor doll festively

Christmas baubeln Tinker christmas tree by yourself Decorate tailor doll

Christmas mannequin

Christmas baubeln Christmas tree itself tinker tailor doll frame

Craft ideas with printed circuit boards

Make Christmas Tannenbaum Tinker Christmas tree yourself

Let yourself come up with original ideas

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree

Tinker Christmas tree from plastic gloves

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make Christmas tree from plastic gloves

Colored accents

Christmas crafts fir-tree craft colorful plastic gloves

Green egg cartons

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make Christmas tree from egg cartons

Hubcap fir tree for passionate car lovers

Christmas crafts Christmas tree tinker Christmas tree car parts

And make something for the beer drinker - beer mat Christmas tree

Christmas craft ideas Christmas tree craft beer mat Christmas tree

Arrange brown and green boxes

Christmas crafts Christmas tree make boxing

Darth Vader Christmas tree

Christmas crafts Christmas tree crafts Darth Vader Christmas tree

Striped ties in different colors

Tinker Christmas Tree Tinker Ties Make your own Christmas tree

Green PET bottles

Christmas crafts Christmas tree craft Christmas tree from bottles

Pyramid of glass bottles

Christmas crafts Tannenbaum make Christmas tree from glass bottles