42 Advent wreath ideas – something for everyone

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No Advent wreath ideas? Then take a look at what we have prepared for you today!

There really is not much time left until we celebrate the most beautiful celebration of the year, Christmas. From St. Martin's Day, all children are looking forward to the first Advent and St. Nicholas's Day. The Christmas decorations on the shop windows of the department stores and the merry Christmas markets also ensure a good Christmas atmosphere.

People meet to bake together or to make some for Christmas.

How imaginative can Christmas be?

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The magical candlelight of the Advent wreath

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It is drunk tea and created Christmas mood. For the first advent many people prepare their Christmas decorations, which must finally be taken out of the garage or out of the cellar. Windows, tables and doors are festively decorated and of course we put our focus on the table. There are usually region-specific and taste dependent, the Advent wreaths. Even though the festival is thousands of years old, there are still many enthusiastic people who want to make their own Advent wreaths. That makes the variety of wreaths in the Advent season so great.

Apart from fresh green, dried citrus fruits are often used for Christmas decorations

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Dried forest fruits and pine branches form the basic form of the wreath

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If you make your own Advent wreath this year, we are ready to inspire you with our Advent wreath ideas even more inspiring. So that your imagination gets plenty of inspiration, we'll tell you a bit about the meaning and the origin of the Advent wreath.

Elegant and without much frills, the Advent season brings its charm

Advent wreath ideas to count advent

There are really many stories about it, but all of them say that the four candles represent four Advent Sundays before Christmas. The lighting of the candles one after another should represent the rise of the light up to the holy feast. A legend from Hamburg tells that the first Advent wreath was actually an advent calendar for poor orphans. In an old cartwheel, a good man made a wooden wreath and put in 20 small candles and four large candles. So the children could count the days until Christmas and always know exactly when the Advent Sundays fall.

Gold, green and red are clearly the colors of the festival 

advent wreath ideas nuts sugar tealight ginger

There are also other stories with ecclesiastical content, but even more exciting are the rare stories about the magical symbolism of the wreath. Each color and number has been assigned a meaning. The wreaths, for example, should be made from evergreen firs. The loops should be red and the four candles were supposedly a symbol of the four directions. Even the order and the direction of the lighting of the candles should have been important, but we will tell about it again.

The four candles always indicate only the one

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Quite naturally - just the scent of fir resin awakens Christmas feelings in us

Advent wreath ideas simply wintry

Round should be the shape of the Christmas wreath

Advent wreath ideas delighting

Many stories explain that the 4 candles are for the 4 Advent Sundays

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In some areas it is believed that the number of candles corresponds to the four cardinal directions

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Clockwise or against him should the candles be lit?

Advent wreath ideas cozy

Much pagan faith is also hidden in the Advent arrangement

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The exoticism of the aromas must cheer up the mind

Advent wreath ideas green red rich juicy

Candles as gifts? Why not?

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deco ideas christmas tinker yourself

Make christmas decorations by yourself

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