Make the children’s room decoration yourself

More than in all other rooms you need original interior design ideas especially in the nursery. Decoration ideas play a leading role here. Here the little ones spend their first years of life. They play, enjoy themselves and get to know the world. The interior design in the nursery not only has to be comfortable and cozy. It has to be full of love. The best way to achieve this through the set-up is to decorate children's rooms.

Decoration in the nursery made of paper

Deco nursery deco ideas paper

The decoration in the nursery could also consist of paper. You can create wonderful artificial flowers out of it. You can easily create them with your own hands. What you need are thin sheets of paper or cardboard in A 4 format, scissors, wire.

You have to make the paper in the shape of an accordion, tie them together in the middle, daintily form the ends with the scissors and then open them so that a flower form is created.

The more paper you use, the more lush and beautiful the flowers will look. You could also try to use flowers in different colors. Strips can also be used as delicate elements.

Garlands as decoration

Deco nursery deco ideas ball christmas

In the nursery you could create a festive mood by extending garlands. They can be of different kinds. You could create decoration for the nursery with inflation balloons. These can then be wrapped with colored threads. In order for the beautiful results to be enjoyed permanently, it is best to make them softer with water using the appropriate means. Dry thoroughly before attaching.

Compositions of dyes

Deco nursery deco ideas garland carpet

Deko nursery deco ideas felt

Children's room designed for boys

Decoration Nursery Decorating Ideas green

There are a number of possibilities in the nursery decorating ideas, where you put together many different colored pieces. Also consider origami, collages of children's paintings and family photographs. If you make such nursery deco yourself, you create a personalized mood, which is both bright and impressive.

Abstract paintings on the wall

Deco nursery canvas ideas wall decor

Teach the little one early to look at the art in all its forms outside the usual frame. It is best to do it partially with the help of abstract art deco for the nursery. This will be bright and striking. How about wooden hanging shelves made from recycled materials?

Wall shelves attached with rope

Deco nursery deco ideas shelves

You could also create a super interesting and original nursery decoration with a simple hanger, which you hang on the ceiling and decorate with different pieces of paper.

Make mobile as a nursery decoration yourself

Deco nursery deco ideas ideas

Search the Internet for instructions for mobiles available. Choose the brightest and most unusual variants. Because it is the nursery decoration. Everything has to be very enjoyable here, do not you think?

The mobiles give you the opportunity to convey a specific topic. It is best to relate to the interests of your children.

Wall tattoos and various pictures of cardboard

Deco nursery deco ideas balloon

The nursery decoration is a way to benefit as much as possible from the fashion, which consists of the wall tattoos. There are many different variants that could be used and one is better than the other. If you want to stay more in the center of the theme of children's room decoration to do it yourself, then consider different pictures with paper and cardboard.

Gorgeous paper decoration
      Nursery decoration itself make balls of paper

Retro pieces and decorative items

Children's room decoration itself make bus

Hanging paper balloons

Nursery deco itself deco colorful

Rustic touch through wood panels on the wall

Nursery deco itself make deco wood boards

Canvas - paintings made of threads

Children's room deco itself make a deco canvas

Baby Mobile

Children's room make your own deco mobilee

Make your own nursery make your own boat

Make your own nursery decoration ice cream

Decorate baby room

Make your own children's room decoration fuchs

Light gray ambience for boys

Make your own children's room decoration gray

Carve the wall shelf yourself

Make your own Nursery deco make beautiful

Playful chair pad

Nursery decoration make your own design chair pads

Felt cloud on the wall

Nursery decoration make yourself shape cloud hanging

Indian tent in the middle of the room

Nursery decoration make your own design tent

Another idea

Children's room make girly decoration by yourself decorate tent fabric

Geometric figures

Children's room decoration garlands colorful make dresser

Colorful raindrops

Nursery decoration itself make rain

Retro rocking chairs

Nursery deco itself make vintage

Bunch of cloud cushions

Nursery deco itself make clouds pillows