Design baby room – 50 cool baby room pictures

Baby room design deco ideas wall decoration

Set up an ergonomic, inviting newborn nursery

If you want to customize the baby room for your newborn baby, do not forget to create a cozy, comfortable, recreational area for the baby and yourself.

Calm and comfort are the most important thing for every baby, so choose delicate shades and soft bedding and silk fabrics.

Add a crèche and ensure child-friendly design for your child to grow up happy and healthy.

Choose such baby room furniture that is exactly designed for your child. Better order custom made products. Cover the dresser in the room with a mat. The changing table and the multi-functional baby cot are essential accessories in every baby room. Check the offers from the well-known, up-to-date designer companies.

Design baby room

Baby room design deco ideas white ambiente

Do you even know what to do when you design the baby room? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed? Take the time to check out our helpful suggestions before you visit the furniture store!

Determine the specific living style and interior theme. A concrete decoration idea would be useful for you to create a uniform design.

Create an eye-catcher in the room. In most baby rooms, the crèche plays this role, but you can put another accent - such as an oversized, brightly painted chest of drawers, for example.

Cheerful green animal pattern on the wall

Baby room animal pattern design decorating ideas by topic

 Choose the fabrics and textiles before painting the walls. There is nothing wrong with combining upright colors and shades. Be attentive to the choice. It is certainly easier to first acquire the home textiles and then adapt them to the wall color.

Decorate the ceilings

Baby room design examples of yellow deco products

 Take up space

Nursing room design ideas ideas wall design dresser

Design the sanitary corner

Baby room deco owl design samples small room

Sort the clothes and the laundry

Baby room stool knitted fashion patterns around window baby cot

Keep everything in order by organizing the storage area

Baby room gray fashion examples stripes carpet

Install a ceiling fan

Baby room paintings design examples wall art animals

Shutters or dark curtains are another necessity

Baby room make-deco-ideas-colorful-flowers-green

Soft, indirect lighting

Nursery colors design deco ideas gray furniture

Do not forget the night light

Baby room design deco ideas black wall

 Decorations and artistic drawings

Baby room gray drawing fashion examples pear wall mirror

Horizontally striped wall   Baby room design examples stool chandelier

Baby room for twins   Baby room design examples red stripe carpet

Varied patterns on the wall - chromatic wallpaper    Baby room design examples carpet matte

Minimalist and girlish  Baby room design examples white ceiling

Compact nursery for boys

Baby room crib shape blue boy wall

Black and white classic while decorating

Baby room design deco ideas baby bed

Yellow accents

Baby room chavron pattern design deco ideas bank gray

Traditional and nautical design

Nursery decorate ideas blue curtains carpet

Golden wall pattern with shine   deco Baby room design window wall colors

Vintage baby room

Baby room decor decorating ideas curtains lighting

Nursery with white painted railing

Baby room design deco ideas curtains airy

Useful and playful wall decorationBaby room map wall design deco ideas green laundry

Green chest of drawers

Baby room design ideas green dresser

Black frosted wall and picture frame as decoration

Nursery decor decorating ideas nursery dark wall paint

Striking chandelier as an eye-catcher

Baby room chandelier design deco ideas dresser table

Simple and sophisticated especially for the newborn

Baby room design ideas chandelier lampshade

Purple furniture

Nursery decorate decoration ideas ball hanging pink

Buttery yellow beauty

Baby room design deco ideas pattern deco wall

Lush decoration

Baby room peace design deco ideas pastel colored deco items

Movable nurseries made of wood

Baby room toys design decoration ideas shelves baby cot

Children basket made of rattan

Nursery room decorating ideas shelves wall

Pink wall design and cheerful wall tattoos

Baby room decor decorating ideas pink wall colors

Gray wall paint combined with pink details

Baby room decorating ideas around carpet pink

Rocking horse for the little one

Nursery globe shape decoration idea. Schukelpferd

Several shades of blue form the color scheme here

Nursery blue designs shape deco ideas vertical stripes wall

Decorate the ceiling - orange stripes

Baby room blanket deco ideas stripe orange white

Get to know the universe

  Baby room gray wall design shape decoration ideas space

Vintage and opulently decorated

Baby room headboard bed frame yellow wall colors

Another thematic example

Baby room curtains frame yellow wall design

Painted rug with animal pattern

Nursery cozy atmosphere design nursery wood

Light gray from main color here

Baby room chavron bedding fashion dresser

Cute and girlish thought out

Baby room purple delicate decor pink carpet

Interesting, natural wallpapers   Baby room window shutter design armchair pillow

Absolutely practical and themed baby room

Baby room crib shape urban style

Pink, red and orange wall stickers with floral patterns

Baby room colorful pattern design wall colors