Make a children’s room complete – boy and girl share a room

children's room complete for boy and girl on the attic floor

Make your kids room complete - do you want to create a great room for your boy and girl?

Are your children satisfied with their room equipment or do you have the idea to completely redesign the nursery? Here you will find a wide range of room facilities for your boy and your girl if they need to share a nursery.

Bright colors and space-saving solutions - playfully designed, will inspire you and set you up creatively.

Making a nursery completely perfect is a great challenge, even among same-sex children, which is even greater in children of different genders. We want to help you with these great interior design ideas for this specific task.

Of course, if the children are the same age, the solution is easier. Then you can use themes and themes in the furnishing that are neutral. As the children get older, however, the role of age increases and making the nursery complete is much more difficult.

Would such a ceiling be decorated as heaven something for your children?

children's room completely in blue and pink

The beds are very creative with a house theme separated for more privacy

kids room complete sweet colorful furniture and window rolls in orange

Each child has its own character and specific interests, so the best idea would be to divide the room into three. A private section for each child and a shared zone where the children could play together. Especially important are the beds. They are a sanctuary where every child has their privacy as needed.

Decorate the beds specifically according to the sex and interest of the child. Boys often prefer sports motifs, or favorite characters from cartoons. Girls love princesses and cuddly toys. Do not just stay with these clichés, but feel in the world view and the attitudes of your children and choose the best fitting room furniture for them.

Pink and blue are very fresh combined with orange and yellow - from Insomnia

children's room complete with colorful handprints

The children have a common play area with sports equipment and table

Nursery complete wall decoration colorful squares and stripes

Storage space is always an issue in itself. Make sure each child has enough space for their clothes and items. If there is a large wardrobe in the room, divide it into two. On the other hand, built-in wardrobes and under-bed storage space are a perfect alternative.

If the boy and the girl have to share the same room, it is not so easy to achieve a fine aesthetic of the furnishings with the different interests. An old, well-valued trick for that is the color. Choose a color palette that pleases and decorate the two children. Or focus on two main colors and try to strike a balance between the two.

In any case, the task of making the nursery completely complete will be fun and enjoyable and your little ones will be very thankful and happy.

You can see clearly where the boy and the girl is sitting, right?

children's room completely simple desks with ergonomic chairs

A shared desk with floating shelf is not a bad idea

kids room completely wide stripes in blue and orange

Flowers remain the undisputed motifs for girls

Nursery completely violet wall with floral patterns

Canary and Lemon Yellow - bright, gender neutral colors

children's room complete with yellow vault

Fairytale and colorful

children's room complete pendulum lamp balloon

Here you can clearly see the different interests of the children

children's room complete round pendant lamp made of paper

By neutral background was uniformly decorated

Nursery complete drawings on the wall

Rustic coziness for your children

children's room completely rustic with high guest bed

A bunk bed is often the right solution

Nursery Completely funny giraffe and elephant drawings

Lime green and orange - lively and radiant

Children's room completely runners in orange and green

The two beds are discreetly separated by the desk

children's room complete stuffed animal sheep purple bedspread  Oval partition with open shelf 

children's room completely striped wall and stuffed animals

Spacious children's room with open plan

children's room complete high pile white carpet round stool

An eclectic retro design

children's room completely colorful and eclectic

Sunny colors for a good mood

Children's room completely curtains in yellow and red

Modern design and sleek shapes

children's room completely mint green and supple pink

Unity in diversity

kids room complete wall sconces flowers

For little adventurers

kids room complete wall decoration rakette and astronaut

Lots of storage space and own pin boards

children's room completely white beds with storage space

Choose funny, maritime motifs

Nursery completely maritime design