Fancy cots let your kids sleep in the sky

Fancy cots crib car children's room ideas

 Fancy cots that enhance your children's imagination


Not for the first time we present interesting and practical children's room furniture. We do that very consciously and really with a lot of desire, because we know it well: Our children deserve only the best. And that makes the parenting task so difficult.

Parents always want to buy the best for their children, but they often do not know what's really best. Or sometimes they simply can not afford it. In that case, you have to make a compromise, which is not always that bad. You can find valuable children's furniture at a reasonable price in the market.

The main thing: parents and children are satisfied with the final result. That's why today we are looking for the answers to the following questions: "What makes children happy?" And "What makes parents happy?"

Cots for boys - Let your boy sleep in a car

Fancy cribs auto formula 1

This time, we have selected 11 fancy children's beds for you that have the certain something. We find them particularly child-friendly and believe parents will say so too. Let's look at the following cots and find their benefits together.

 Cot Bus - transform the nursery into a cosmopolitan city. Be inspired by London!

Fancy cots crib bus SCBBLB

Familiarize your child with the big capitals. We find the nursery furniture shown above very clever, because it is not only unusual and practical, but informative and arouses the child's interest in world history.

The example below shows a cot in the form of a bus. But this is equipped with a slide. It is actually a bunk bed with a playground underneath. We would say that makes children happy.

Cot with slide

Fancy cots crib firefighter crib with slide PIHSGB1070

Children love tree houses. But if you have no way to build one, then the next two examples are just right for you. These are full of opportunities to play and relax.

Children's high bed designed like a wooden house

Fancy cots crib with slide ORIGINAL P.36-2 TREEHOUSE

 Another similar model in the boys room 

Fancy cots children's room ideas LIFE_HOUSE_JONGENS_SFEER_MODEL

The other examples fit perfectly in the girls room. Decorated in pink, pink and purple, the following children's rooms are more than fairytale. That makes little girls happy and dreamy, and their moms too.

Space-saving cot for two girls

Fancy children's beds children's room ideas children's bed girl alice

Simple and elegant for adolescent girls with style

Fancy cribs baby bed girl VALENTINE COMPO 05

Every young girl dreams of being a princess. With a cot like this, dreams come true.

Boys love fast cars and girls love romantic carriages

Fancy Cribs baby bed princess SCPC201 + CHILD02

 Four-poster bed in purple 

Fancy baby cribs sky baby bed girl ORIGINAL P.21-2 MOROCCO CHIC

 Nursery ideas for school children

Fancy kids beds set up kid's room AX-COMPO.05

If the child is already in school, the priorities will be reset. Now the child needs new furniture that "helps" with learning. For example, they are numbered (as in the picture above) or grow together with the child by being height adjustable. Ergonomic learning furniture is now an option.

Small black chalkboard hung on the wall over the bed

Fancy cribs kids room boy Legbanken + kajuitbed

Did you enjoy our photo gallery? Hopefully, these nursery ideas are useful to you. We would like to help you with the following suggestions and wish you a lot of fun in choosing the right bed for your offspring!