Cool trendy teenager room for boys – modern decor

Cool trendy teenager room for boy blue bedding

Cool trendy teenager room for boys - modern decor

Your little one is no longer small, and you know that with age, the teens have different needs. They dream of a chic room with plenty of space to learn. A place where you can invite friends without the feeling of embarrassment.

A place for their video games or for playing the guitar without being disturbed. It's a fact - your boy's room needs a thorough change, and you need ideas to choose from.

Gray, monochromatic colors and plaid bedding for your son's room

teenager room boys black plaid bedding design idea

  Strict lines and dark colors in the teen roomCool trendy teenager room for boys black white gray colors

We can assure you that things will work very well for you then. Here is a list of 9 inspirational designs that can help you create a fabulous bedroom for your teenage boy.

A sports enthusiast design, however this fantasy wall picture in black and white and slats broken contributes to the whole modern and elegant feel of this blue bedroom.

Playful, urban room decor - orange deco motifs

cool trendy teenager room design boy orange chair pillow

Cozy and warm, with color accents that add life to the whole room

Cool trendy teenager room for boys design boys table lamp

That's how I would characterize this stunning bedroom with the white furniture (stunning bed and great desk, I have to say).

Refined, minimalist room design

cool trendy teenager room design boy blue white wardrobe

Are you trying to make a stylish statement? For a teenager, red and white never look more elegant than these. Sounds like a good idea for a dream child. It's classic, modern, and funny, everything you could ask for!

Nursery design inspired by video games

Cool trendy teenager room inspired for boys game

A minimalist takes on a child's room. Hide the desk behind walls and make it look exactly like the wardrobe - great idea. Add a wall TV and a big bed with it. Voila, there is everything!

If you have a teenager who loves baseball, this is a great idea to bring the spectacular game into your everyday life. More so, if he's a Yankee fan, you can copy the design from the top in all its parts - just make sure you find a talented painter who will do the whole wall for you. Oh, and do not forget the neon lights under the beds. They make the whole bedroom nothing less than breathtaking.

Wonderful, impressive Teeanger room

cool trendy teenager room design boy striped bedspread

We have a pedant, eh? The modern bedroom is certainly for a pedantic teen who wants to make a style statement. I reckon I'm thrilled with the modern bed frame and the cool duvet, but what's really thrilling for me is the stunning wall art behind the bed and bedside table.

Massive loft bed has a ladder

Cool trendy teenager room for boys wood furnishing ladder loft bed

A small attic for the bedroom of your boy, and a ladder to get to the playground? Make fun? This is everybody's dream since we were teenagers. You will like the light brown walls and the white and green bed linen.

Bed frame made of wooden pallets on castors

cool trendy teenager room design boys wood flooring painted white

If your teenager boy wants to be more independent, we have an idea for you. How about transforming your attic and creating a special room just for him? It should be big enough, right?

Industrial boy's room design - gray and orange colors combined

Cool trendy teenager room for boys orange decoration

While this looks like a bachelor's upholstery, this is really a teenager's bedroom in a rooftop condo. Small but warm at the same time, all that is missing is a desk for homework that can not balance the metallic gray and orange design theme. But I think I could live with it when I had to.

Boys bedroom decorated in pop art style

teenager room boy black wall wood shelves green popartBunk bed for two boys teenager room boys massive wood high bed ladder blue bedding