Wandmalerei Kinderzimmer – 21 ideas on how to create a very special room atmosphere

Wandmalerei Nursery - Examples of how a beautiful wall design provides a great sense of space

The easy way to create a delightful nursery is to stage a cool decoration. And the most impressive effect is achieved by a stunning wall decoration, just like the wall painting. We will talk about that today and we hope you will be inspired by a wall decoration that fascinates both young and old. Enjoy the examples of timeless beauty and collect ideas for your own Mural painting nursery!

Mural Nursery - Decorate the baby room with beautiful murals

wall painting nursery nursery deco sea

Wall Painting Nursery - Creative ideas for nursery design

home ideas nursery wall painting grass

Wall painting or wallpaper should be in the nursery? Are you facing such a choice? Sometimes, fortunately, murals turn into wallpapers and you do not have to choose between them. Wallpapers with art motifs are a nice alternative to put a cool wall design into action. In the nursery works that wonderful! But it is worth a lot, on Mural painting nursery because it is durable and therefore reasonably priced.

The world map, presented in a different way

wall painting nursery world map toys deco ideas

Beautiful ceiling design attracts the attention

wall painting nursery clouds beautiful ceiling rug

Wall design and carpet with the same pattern

wall painting nursery flowers girl's room cooler carpet

The sense of space is something very important for the nursery, and the beautiful feeling of space - something of first necessity. Living walls are the dream of every child and the aspiration of all parents. The wall painting is a kind of wall decoration, which goes far beyond the boundaries of the usual wall design. While a simple wall-mounted wallpaper can remain unseen, wall-painting is not. Wall paintings catch the eye immediately. An optimal effect is achieved if you do not put furniture and objects in front of the wall painting. Turning them into a nice accent is a good course of action because the nursery gets its own character. Children and adults stay silent when they see a cool flower wall or at once amidst beautiful colorful butterflies. And what could be better than creating a charming place full of colors and joy where your little one feels very well?

Fresh wall design in the children's room, which brings a piece of nature into the atmosphere

wall painting kids room wall decoration ideas trees

Tree with colored leaves

wall painting nursery tree light gray wall high bed

Wall painting, which does not penetrate, but also contributes to a nice atmosphere

home decor nursery nursery mural bright green wall

Mural paintings depict new worlds and thus bring about a completely new room look. In contrast to the living room or bedroom walls, it is almost as a rule for the nursery walls to be much more conspicuous. Not only does the childrens room be individually designed, it also makes the room look very different visually. The fantasy has its right place here! The mural painting is therefore a nice solution for all parents, who strive for an unforgettable nursery design.

As if you were in the jungle!

wall painting nursery jungle exotic wall design ideas

Funny idea for the design of the nursery walls, which gives the children much pleasure

wall painting kids room colored wall decoration ideas colorful curtains

Forest theme brings a fresh touch to the nursery

mural children room forest animals nature

Gentle motives in the girls room put

home decor nursery nursery deco bright pink walls wall painting

Wall decoration ideas with clouds

mural painting nursery girl clouds light pink wall paint

Wall painting with animal motifs

living ideas nursery animals tree wall painting

Wall design in shades of green

living ideas nursery tree birds wall painting

A beautiful optical illusion

home decor children's room boy's room shape dinosaur

Funny and colorful wall decoration makes the mood cheerful

Wohnideen nursery wanddeko wall painting carpet childrens furniture

Nice ideas for wall design in the baby room

ideas for a home children's room wall design ideas wall painting colored bedding

Emphasize the mural by beautiful wall decoration

living ideas nursery wall painting trees nursery decorating ideas

Animal silhouettes beautify the baby room walls

home decor children's room wall painting animals nursery design

Framing a colorful girl's room


home decor kids room girl room wall painting room rug carpets