22 Living ideas for children’s rooms – strategies for designing children’s rooms

home decor kids room colored carpet fresh wall design yellow accents

Living Ideas Nursery - How to properly design the nursery?

Setting up a nursery is a completely independent topic that is also limitless. But what distinguishes the setting up of a nursery is the fun that you feel. It is important that this room has to be cleverly furnished and nicely decorated!

For those who need some inspiration to renovate or rebuild the nursery, we give a few Wohnideen nursery to fall in love. Enjoy them and collect ideas on how to make the most of your nursery!

Colorful nursery with hanging chair

children's room ideas beautiful carpet crass colors cool armchair

Fancy wall shelves give the nursery a unique look

children's room ideas white children's furniture cool wall shelves wavy decor

Every item in the nursery needs to be well thought out. Everything should be in harmony with each other, from the furniture to the curtains. Everything colorful and funny is welcome in the nursery! The clever combination of patterns and textures is of fundamental importance here. Fresh deco and floor cushions to love can completely effect the perception of space.

Atmospheric interior design

living ideas children's room striped carpet colored ceiling white walls open wall shelves

Cute throw pillows provide a fresh ambience

children's room ideas colored girl's room high bed

The carpet in the nursery should also be given extra attention. It is not only designed as a unique decoration on the floor, but is also something necessary. He acts on the whole room appearance, by providing for more cosiness.

Colored dots bring a cheerful mood to the nursery and the carpets make it look perfect

children's room ideas yellow accent wall rugs storage room

In the children's room fits a colored carpet

nursery ideas green furniture colored carpet beautiful decoration

Make sure there are elements in the room that make it look interesting. If you give the nursery individuality, your child will actually feel the room as his own. Children's attention can easily be captured by fancy wall designs, beautiful toys or a cool bed.

Through closets bring more order to the nursery

nursery ideas closets funny curtains car

Fancy carpet gives the nursery character

living ideas children's room boy's room original carpet high-bed

Light purple wall paint refreshes the room

kids room ideas purple wall paint bright carpet

Original wall design and stark colors give the room a unique look

living ideas nursery white wall paint accents open wall shelves

Of course, one should consider whether one designs a girl's or boy's room. Each of them has specifics that should not be underestimated. A girl feels comfortable in an interior design, which can hardly offer a boy well-being. Logically, a boy likes a cool car-bed much more than a girl. And no boy wants to be surrounded by hearts and butterflies!

Beautiful wall design in the girls room

living ideas children's room girl's room purple accent wall functional bed

A car bed is a dream bed for many boys

home decor nursery autobett boy room design wall wallpaper

Also different colors are suitable for girls and boys. A girl's room looks better in warm shades, while in the boys' room cold shades fit better. Practical parents might consider neutral shades. Skilfully combined, they create a suitable ambience for both girls and boys.

Combine mild shades in the girls room

children's room ideas girl's room white furniture toys

Typically, the girls' room walls were painted in pink

home decor kids room girl pink wall paint nursery furniture

White boy's room with red accent wall

children's room ideas red accents white furniture

And in the end a last tip from us. In the design of the nursery, it would be good if you do not exaggerate with the accents, because somehow the little treasure is great, and then you have to realize a new room design from the beginning. If you somehow achieve a balance between an interior design that the little kid likes now and here, and an interior that is typical of a teenager, you would save a lot of effort later. It is therefore better to use accessories and elements that you can easily replace with others later on. Let your creativity into play now!

Spice up the neutral shades with blue accents

home ideas nursery neutral shades round rug

Functional nursery design

living ideas nursery light blue white open ragale functional bed

Refresh the bright interior design with blue curtains

kids room ideas white wall paint long blue curtains white furniture

White nursery with red-black elements

children's room ideas white red fancy wall shelf panoramic window

Compact little nursery

living ideas nursery colored accents cool blanket

Fancy wooden stools captivate the eye

living ideas kids room green bed fancy stool