20 classic nursery furnishings designed by Effedue Mobili

classic nursery furnishings green walls wood flooring white

20 classic nursery furnishings designed by Effedue Mobili

If your home design has been done with beautiful furniture in a classic style and you want to make the nursery just in this delicate and elegant home design, then you should definitely look at the products of Effedue Mobili.

These pieces of furniture create romantic spaces with many nice curtains and upholstery.

These rooms have no glossy surfaces and simple shapes. Instead, each element is an example of the refinement of the classic style. The main color is beige, which makes the ideas very suitable for combinations with other nuances.

Dirty white colors in the nursery - classic style

classic nursery furnishings beige single beds bed frames

The quality furniture of this company makes it possible to create comfortable bedrooms for one, as well as for several children. Wide wardrobes will provide you with plenty of space to house clothes and other items. The ergonomic single and bunk beds save space, so that it can be used for various games or for learning.

 Large massive wardrobes provide plenty of storage space vintage nursery furnishings blue designer solution

Elegant Nursery - Vintage Style

vintage nursery decor blue accents decoration

Cute, girlish nursery equipment

classic nursery furnishings blue wardrobe dressing table

Wooden flooring - dirty white decor - light green accents

classic nursery furnishings flooring white wood

Girls Nursery equipped with style and elegance

classic nursery furnishings green walls wood bedding

  Wall shelves and cabinets - storageclassic nursery furnishings green walls wood single beds

L-shaped cabinet arrangement in the nursery

classic nursery furnishings stools armchairs curtains

Pleasant-looking ambience

classic nursery furnishings purple bedding wall shelves

Orange walls and two single beds for siblings

classic nursery furnishings bed frame metal

Wall shelves, solid wardrobe, office table and bed with classic metallic bed frame

classic nursery furnishing pink white girlish

Interesting loft bed position

classic nursery furnishings round built-in wardrobes

Railing and stairs separate the sleeping corner from the office table

classic nursery furnishings round soft carpet greyish whiteclassic nursery furnishings stair railing stool orange

Blue striped sheets in the nursery

vintage nursery furnishings round window wall

Dresser and wardrobes in vintage style

classic kids room furnishings dirty white bed design

Turquoise wardrobes in the classic nursery look attractive and cute  classic nursery furnishings turquoise girlish design classic-nursery-facilities-turquoise-tender design

Nursery in the attic - large skylights let in the natural light the room lighten

classic nursery furnishings white flooring wood