Amazing kids bathroom interiors by running

Children's bathroom interieurers interesting washbasins

Beautiful, playful kids bathroom interiors by Laufen

Do you want to design an individual bathroom for your children? Bring away boring and old-fashioned furniture! You may want to take a closer look at Laufen’s products. Running and his new collections “Agatha Ruiz de La Prada” and “FloraKids” will help you design the kids’ bathroom.

Your family will undoubtedly like them: parents will rate the arrangement of the furniture (furniture can be hung and put on the floor) and children will enjoy the colorful colors and unusual shapes. Running has created a variety of children’s bathroom design furnishings: mirrors, mounting plates, sinks, showers, shower curtains, etc. There is also a rich selection of gleaming and glossy bathroom tiles to help you complete your child’s bathroom.

Kids bathroom interiors – incredible designer ideas

children's bathroom interiors green bathroom tiles

Bathroom furniture in the children’s bathroom – mirror in the shape of a flower

children's bathroom interiorsers run green furnishings

Bright red on the wall and cheerful decoration motifs in the children’s bathroom

children's bathroom interieurers green red garish washbasins giraffe plush toys

 Plastic pieces of furniture in yellow and pink in your child’s bath

children's bathroom interieurers pink hearts deco

Combination of green and yellow shades – mirror in the form of a star

children bathroom interieurers stars deco

Playful design – wall shelves and bath towels on it – purple sink and mirror

Children's bathroom interieurers wall shelves cloths

Happy bath tiles – colorful stripes and dots

children's bathroom interiors garish heart mirror

Original and precise designer idea of ​​running

small furniture idea children bathroom sink

Children toilet chair attached to the wall

plain garish toilet kids bathroom idea design run

Exceptionally extravagant and individual design in the children’s bathroom

mirror sink idea children bathroom running

Stylish and bright in the bathroom

playful design kids bathroom idea colorful glaring run

Colorful, shiny surface

toilet chair green idea design shine running children

Pattern bathroom for little princesses

toothbrushes wall shelf green orange red idea children bathroom