Girls Nursery – 33 contemporary enchanting interior designs for girls

What associations appear in your mind when you think about girls' rooms? A room full of adorable pink items, soft color combinations? A fairy tale is there even ?! Yes, a girl's room should be fairytale-like, that's right. But that is not enough. It should also be practical, and provide an atmosphere in which their resident feels comfortable. Creating such an ambience should be your leitmotiv when setting up! Take a look at the girl nursery Picture gallery to get a better idea of ​​what the speech is about today.

Veils and ornaments make the girls' room magical

girl nursery stool great deco red carpet

Create a personal space

Your daughter's room is her fortress, so be sure! Do not neglect them in designing and decorating! In this way, the room offers the comfort and coziness it needs and requires. A small library, functional shelves, side tables and stools make a great impression in the concept of a nursery set.

And the mirror is a compulsory element in every girl's room, let's not forget that!

Dots and figure patterns

girl nursery side table stool images children's table

Gentle colors and a fresh look

nursery girl white decorating pink armchair

Decorate the girls room appropriately

Decorating could be more creative. Through the decoration you should achieve a complete room look and create a special equipment. You could e.g. distribute charming motifs such as flowers, butterflies or hearts in the room. This is a popular approach to the girls room. Almost always beautiful colored throw pillows can be seen in a girls room.

Lay blanket with hearts and rugs over each other

girl nursery armchair side table rugs window

This yellow cot is great on the colored picture frames and the carpet pattern matched

children's room girl's room yellow bed colored carpet

Choose a color scheme that the girls like

Which colors would you choose for your daughter's room? Everyone knows that girls really like Rosa! But other variants are also available to make your little girl happy: pastel colors are perfect for that. Simply combine the shades and create a cozy space that radiates joie de vivre!

Polka-dot wall wallpaper and colorful throw pillows with figure pattern

nursery girl throw pillow wallpaper matte

These butterflies in pink correspond nicely with the pink curtains

Girl's room set up butterflies toys

Beautiful bedding with fresh colorful flowers

nursery youth room girl fresh bedding pale yellow carpet

In the following picture gallery you will find great ideas for decorating and decorating the girl's room. Create a unique oasis of well-being with your own style!

 Bright ambience with colorful elements that refresh it

kids room girl stool desk purple chairs

White pieces of furniture that stand out beautifully against the purple wall

kids room youth room girl furniture carpet

Facility in pale pink is preferred for many girls rooms

children's room girl comfortable bed rocking chair picnic

Rosanuancen, which look fresher, because you have positioned plants in this nursery

girls room design car bed children table carpet pictures

Brown spotted carpet and transparent pink curtains

nursery girl brown carpet spotted

Yellow curtains make the white girl's room look cheerful

nursery girl stool toys yellow curtains

 Girls room with great wall mirror

nursery girl cot open shelves

White interior in combination with purple nuances

kids room girl purple carpet dresser purple walls

Pink bed for princesses

nursery girl pink interior open wall shelves

A girl's room should radiate freshness and joy

children's room girl furnishing stool

Wall decoration in purple

children's room girl's room double bed beautiful wall design

Very sweet!

girl nursery children colored

Nice color contrast in the girls room

girl nursery white decor wönde red nuances

Matching color combination of light pink, gray and white

girl's room pink wall design round little carpet

Wooden furniture and fur rug in the nursery

children's room girl's room cot high bed dresser

Put some accents in the white room!

girl's nursery for two with white carpet and bright curtains

Brighten up the room with a colorful carpet!

girl nursery colored carpet and bright walls

A hanging chair fulfills the role of an excellent eye-catcher

Girls nursery fresh accents and beautiful patterns

Divide the girls room into areas


girl nursery spacious and fresh with individual areas

Very simple, yet cozy design

kids room girl with purple sheets and stylish flooring

A girl's room for teenagers can be recognized at first glance!

nursery girl for teens with different patterns

girl nursery in light pink with white carpet

girl nursery learning area with beautiful decoration

girls kids room stark colors combine modern furniture select

girls nursery pink shades combine

Girls nursery fancy pattern combinations and cool bed