Feng Shui Nursery – Receive your baby in a healthy room

feng shui nursery white fresh green colors

Feng Shui Nursery - Receive your baby in a healthy room

Fang Shui can help you make the nursery fit and healthy for your baby. Start with a very good Feng Shui foundation for the appropriate preparations. You need a healthy Feng Shui room where your child grows up.

Fill the room with inspiration, excitement and wonder.
A good flow of Feng Shui energy in the nursery plays an important role in the happiness and health of your child, while a nursery with poor Feng Shui energy flow is so bad on the baby that it can not sleep well at night and tends to get sick often to be.

Cozy, beautifully appointed Feng Shui nursery - dominant green color

feng shui nursery white fresh bright green daylight

When it comes to good Feng Shui nursery, let yourself be guided by your senses. Think of the nursery as a special relaxation corner and let all five senses enjoy it. Create a harmony of soft Feng Shui colors in the nursery. Look beyond the traditional pink or blue and choose the colors you really like, which will soothe you. Bring different light sources into the nursery, which can be used at different times of day and evening; this will contribute to a balanced Feng Shui energy.

Bright, playful colors increase the Feng Shui energy flow in the nursery

feng shui nursery white fresh bright colors green blue

Place the baby cot away from the door and keep the electrical appliances nearby. The general Feng Shui guidelines for your own bed also apply to the cot; So keep the bed away from the middle of the room if it has no backing or under the window. Use natural fabrics on every possible occasion - for bedding, children's curtains, flooring, carpets, furniture and toys. Choose wood instead of plastic. Open the windows daily for good ventilation and enjoy gentle fragrance oils such as chamomile, roses, vanilla or lavender. The decor of a good Feng Shui nursery is much more than proper Feng Shui decoration. By doing so, you will express your maternal love, take care of your baby and, in addition, support the life that you share with each other.

Fresh summery atmosphere - turquoise color, wall painting inspired by nature

feng shui nursery white fresh wall painting nature

Furniture made of natural wood, cot placed in the center of the room and striped runner

feng shui nursery white fresh blue natural wood

Elegant and soothing atmosphere in the nursery - furnished with style

feng shui nursery white fresh turquoise color cozyChildren's room in classic and vintage style decorated in pink colors for little princesses feng shui nursery white fresh kingdom pink girl

Simple, factual, but according to the right Feng Shui rules furnished children's room - wood textures

feng shui nursery white fresh natural wood soft light

Bright orange color - Cot and changing table in the nursery - cheerful design

feng shui nursery white fresh orange lattice bed

Compact, modern, elegant nursery designed according to the Feng Shui guidelines

feng shui nursery white fresh pink cozy

Dominant red and white colors in the nursery - black walls add a dramatic look to the interior

feng shui nursery white fresh red wood