Buy baby bed – 66 ideas for the baby room

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Buy the right baby bed - Useful tips for design and safety

Babies probably spend most of their time in their cots than anywhere else. Comfort and safety are therefore always the order of the day with a cot. Most babies stay in their first bed until 2-3 years. So you have to buy something that lasts a long time.

Buy baby bed - Set up the baby room with a cot in retro style

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Buy a functional baby bed

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Modern cot with colored stripes could be a nice eye-catcher in the baby room

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Buy the baby bed a few months before the birth of your baby!

It would be right to buy the baby bed a few months before the birth. So choose it calmly and make a well considered decision. You also have time to consider which is the most suitable place for the cot. It has to be far away from the window. You still have to be sure that it does not pull there. But that's the second stage. Let us now look for the first time, which criteria we have to pay attention to when we enter Buy baby bed.

The selection of baby cots in the market is rich in content

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Simple design in white, which can be integrated into almost any interior

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Set up the baby room with white furniture

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White design with wood accents is a subtle and elegant selection

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foam mattress

The foam mattresses are suitable for those who are looking for a cheap and easy option. They can be different in thickness. But that is not the only criterion. You have to pay attention not only to the thickness but also to the density of the foam. Unfortunately, these are difficult to assess as most foam mattresses are packed. If possible, read different customer reports on different models and only then make a decision to buy.

The comfort plays a big role in the selection of the baby bed

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Not too wide slats

Another criterion that you have to consider when buying a baby bed is that the slats are not too wide apart. Under no circumstances should there be any danger of something getting stuck in between.

A baby cot should meet certain criteria

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White cot fits great in the girls room

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Safe corner posts

If you are one Buy baby bed, Make sure it has secure corner posts. These should not be too high, otherwise the children's clothing will remain attached.

Adaptable mattress height

Most cots allow changing the height of the mattress with a simple mechanism. It is very important that this works well. He is used all the time. If your little ones can already sit, the mattress can be higher. It must be lower for the safety of the children when the baby is already standing.

Consider the mattress height

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Safe, comfortable and functional - important criteria for cots

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Create a modern and functional baby room where the little treasure feels good

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Allow yourself to shake the bed well before you buy it. You need to be sure that it will not tip over or break with the child later on.

Baby cot with wheels

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Richly decorated stable baby cot

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The extras

If you are one Buy baby bed, It is worthwhile to inform yourself about the various extras. You do not have to have everyone at once. However, some may prove particularly suitable for your needs.

Some baby cots have an extra bed underneath

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Practical solution for twins

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Even more for the safety of your little ones

All the listed criteria, which you must consider when buying a baby bed, are important. Nevertheless, the safety of your child should always come first. Your child must not be injured. Furthermore, his health should never be in danger.

Do not use a cot with folding pages

The cots with folding sides have certainly been created with certain advantages in mind. However, we advise you to avoid using them. Sometimes they can be opened by chance through you or through the baby. It happens that you do not close it properly. If the baby leans against it, it can lead to an accident.

A fun baby bed makes the kids happy

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Stylish baby bed

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Dear without bumper

Baby cots with bumpers are still often on the market now. However, according to several organizations, they pose a great danger. It would be better to do without it.

Too old baby cots

On the one hand, a spent baby bed can be healthier. One is sure that the chemicals of the production are already gone. Many of these are used in the production of materials and paintwork. On the other hand, the stability of old baby cots diminishes. They may be used with caution for this reason.

Be careful with the decorations

You would have to be extremely careful when it comes to decorating the bed. She is beautiful, but dangerous. For example, can hang on some decoration the baby clothes.

Baby bed with bed canopy will surprise your no daughter!

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Carefully decorate the cot

Buy baby cot beautiful bedding pink accents

Be critical

Finally, we want to emphasize that you must realize the purchase of the baby bed with the utmost security. In no case should you be satisfied with something in whose safety and comfort you are not 100% sure.

Decorate the wall behind the cot with a deco chain

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Very modern design offers comfort and style

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Wooden cot for your little boy

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Funny linen refreshes the baby bed

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