Combine shelves and desk properly and gain more space

shelves and desk in pink with pillar

How to combine shelves and desk to save space

Space saving ideas at home are always welcome. We all know the problem of never enough storage space in the house or in the apartment.

Today we will be presenting some great ideas for cleverly combined shelves and desks.

Various materials, textures and nuances help you to choose your own space-saving device. You can choose between the casual, simple Ikea style, the fashionable chic or the vintage flair. Each variant has its charm, its advantages and disadvantages. There is no right or wrong choice, it is all about personal taste and lifestyle. Whether in the work, bedroom or children's room, a successful combination of shelves and desk always proves to be very useful and practical. Take advantage of every niche, corner or wall. You will be surprised what the potential of your home is.

Take a look at the pictures and get inspired!

the lowest level of the shelf serves as a desk - small but comfortable

Shelves and desk plain with a lot of stash

A wall niche is always a practical opportunity for built-in shelf

shelves and desk built into a wall niche

Cool design with neon yellow accents and smooth curves

shelves and desk stylish with neon yellow accents

 This easy-to-install shelf is made of light beech wood panels - adjustable as desired 

shelves and desk in light wood and metal

The integrated desk in this case has more surface and ergonomic design

shelves and desk oval and rectangular shapes

Heat stimulating tones and cedar wood from Funky Bunk

shelves and desk in red orange and yellow

Stylish in light blue and snow white - small shelf with desk in retro style

shelves and desk in retro style

Ikea style shelf with plastic table and desk on cobalt blue wall

shelves and desk navy blue plastic wall chair in white

Open shelf with deep square compartments

shelves and desk low at the side

Shelves mounted directly to the wall and spacious desk with cylindrical steel legs

shelves and desk smooth surfaces and lime tones